Baker’s Dozen: Alan Leist III ‘95

Alan Leist

Alan Leist

Richard Falvo, Maroon-News Staff

Alan Leist III graduated Colgate in 1995 with a degree in Economics. However, while a first-year student, Leist’s mother insisted that he enroll in an art history course to “broaden his horizons.” 

To put it kindly, the Art History course reaffirmed to Leist that pursuing his interest in Economics would be a more ideal and better fit. 

“After a 22 on the midterm, I needed an A+ on the final paper to pass the course. That was no fun, but I still remember the Caves of Lascaux!” Leist said.

After working nine years in New York City as an equity trader at Merrill Lynch, Leist joined Strategic Financial Services, a wealth management firm with offices in Utica, New York, Syracuse, New York and West Palm Beach, Florida. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of the firm, which manages $1.3B in assets. The company’s mission is simple, yet powerful. 

“The Strategic team helps clients live a great life through solid financial planning, a quality investment program and lifelong partnerships,” Leist said.

With such immense success since joining the Colgate alumni community, Alan attributes a large component of that success to the community itself. 

“Colgate students and alumni are uniquely built to succeed. We are well-rounded with the rare combination of intelligence, passion and sociability that allows us to lead others and live a great life. I have found tremendous value and a sense of responsibility in being a part of this talented community,” Leist said. 

Leist is a successful businessman and also possesses a great deal of character and integrity, which has played a vital role in granting him large amounts of success in the financial industry.