Colgate Couture: Menswear Daily Finally

Emily Johnson

Week after week, the Colgate Couture column comes out and gives its readers the latest news in fashion forecasting and style updates. Usually, it’s focused on women’s fashion, so this week I am letting all the guys know that we have not forgotten about you! However, it seems as though some of you have forgotten about your own fashion. I have spotted too many guys heading to class looking like they should be heading back to bed. It takes under five minutes to throw on a nice pair of jeans, a great sweater and head out for the day. So please don’t be a victim of a fashion faux pas, especially when we all know you have it in you.

Let’s start with pants. It’s officially fall now, so it’s time to put the critter shorts away. Instead, why not opt for a pair of chinos or corduroys? Stay away from Nantucket red and Kelly green (remember, it’s fall) and rather work with the dark autumn colors like slate and navy. Jeans are perfect too, and they’re a transitional piece that can easily get you from class, to your date and even to the Jug. Right now, brands are really focusing on the slim-cut style that looks great. I’m not asking you to rock the skinny jean trend, but maybe pick up a more fitted pair of jeans in a darker wash.

So you’ve gotten the perfect pair of jeans and now you’re looking for something to pair them with. In my opinion, the staple fall go-to is the sweater. Sweaters have far progressed from the Ralph Lauren cable knit crewneck. Now there is a sweater option for everyone: v-necks, half zips, vests, cardigans, and not only are they comfortable, they also have a way of cleaning up any look. So keep it classic with solids or take a chance with stripes, argyle or even the woodsy prints that are showing up on the runways.

Need other top options? Tee shirts can still look nice, as long as they’re not the same one you’re planning on wearing to the gym. Try a broken-in tee or go for one with a graphic print J. Crew has some great styles. Buttondown shirts are an easy alternative and have a way of being simple yet stylish at the same time. Thankfully, plaid shirts are sticking around for another season. They look great and seriously, who could ask for a more comfortable option than a flannel button down?

Layering, especially in the fall, is absolutely necessary. Too cold for just your tee shirt? Try adding a tweed blazer or a cotton utility jacket. When your sweater is not enough, wear it with a quilted vest or jacket. You knew what the weather would be like when you decided to come here, and now you know that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion when trying to stay warm.

Last, but absolutely not least, are accessories. I’ve noticed that a lot of guys on campus have started to sport thick rimmed glasses. For those of you that have them, you look great. Black is a classic look, but if you really want to be ahead of the curve, look for a pair in tortoise or maybe a dark red or green. For belts, opt for simple leather ones (cognac brown matches with everything) and make sure it’s well made. Needlepoint belts are also really fun and are available in just about every pattern option possible. For shoes, great loafers or driving mocs should be a staple in every guy’s closet. Converse also work if you’re looking for something a little more casual. Something I’ve noticed this season is the presence of moccasin-inspired shoes. They are usually suede or nubuck, and come in most neutral colors that make them go with really anything. Both Ralph Lauren and J. Crew have some really great and well priced options.

So hopefully this has given you a better idea of how you should be dressing to class, to downtown and everything in between. Why would you willingly want to look like you just rolled out of bed? Presentation is everything, so hopefully I will be seeing a lot fewer sweats and a lot more style.

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