In The Light – Jaclyn Berger

Jenn Carey

When asked to describe herself in a few words, senior Jaclyn Berger took a moment to reflect. However, rather than spouting out adjectives to sum up her persona, Berger’s response was not only eloquent, but wonderfully insightful when considering her recent nomination for “In the Light.”

“I love being busy,” Berger began. “I’m very demanding of the people I work with on all facets of campus. It’s nice that you can expect so much of people here.”

However, after sitting down with the Sociology and Anthropology major, it became clear that Berger is just as demanding of herself as she is of her peers. She has been involved with Konosioni, Class Council, BAC and CAB. In addition to being a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, Berger was extremely active as the Co-President of Recruitment. Berger continued her dedicated involvement with Greek Life in the capacity of Philanthropy Co-Chair for the Panhellenic Association at Colgate.

Berger continually demonstrates the same level of dedication and involvement inside of the classroom as she does outside. Taking advantage of one of the many study abroad opportunities, Berger left the confines of Hamilton to take on Stockholm, Sweden.

“I traded the cold for the freezing cold!” Berger joked.

However, while Colgate has allowed her ample creative room to explore her academic interests, Berger plans to continue pursuing the passions she has had a chance to develop here after tossing her graduation hat in the air this May. Satisfying her interest in fashion, Berger has spent time as an intern at Marc Jacobs and is hoping to one day have a career in either buying or sales.

When asked about what advice she would give, Berger was eager to offer her seasoned words of wisdom to all present and future Colgate students.

“Meet as many people as you can,” Berger urged. “It’s great to be able to walk around the quad and say hi to everyone you pass.”

Yet despite her countless accomplishments and indisputably impressive resumé, Berger remained humble regarding her entire Colgate experience.

“Being ‘In the Light,’ you’re in good company. I’m surrounded constantly by people who could be ‘In the Light.’ It’s very flattering,” Berger stated.

However, when considering her many accomplishments, undoubtedly the Colgate campus will be lacking as Jaclyn Berger’s experience here draws to a close.