In The Light – Kaitlyn Godfrey

Hannah Guy

As immersed in campus activities as ever, Kaitlyn Godfrey is making sure that she does not waste her last few months.

Godfrey serves as the treasurer of the senior honor society Konosioni, a member of the 2009 class council and a member of the senior class gift committee, all of which have ensured a busy senior year. In past years, Godfrey has also been involved with the Center for Outreach Volunteerism and Education (COVE), volunteering with the Let’s Get Ready program, which provides SAT prep for local high school students, and an after school program at Hamilton Central to get young children interested in Spanish. She has also contributed to the Colgate Hunger Outreach Program (CHOP) and volunteered at the Friendship Inn soup kitchen. Though her activities this year have taken up a lot of her time, Godfrey said that it was the tutoring she has done that allowed her real passion to come through.

Godfrey truly took advantage of opportunities available to students, spending her entire junior year studying in Europe. She spent one semester with the Colgate Economics program in London and another studying in Madrid, Spain. Godfrey describes her time abroad as an amazing experience. And, though she had an exciting year, she was happy to return in the fall.

“It was a little weird coming back after being abroad for so long, but I fell back into it really quickly,” Godfrey explained.

In addition to her adventures abroad, Godfrey has managed to undertake a double major in Economics and Spanish. She will be working at UBS, an investment banking firm, after graduation. Though she eventually plans on attending graduate school, Godfrey sees this opportunity as “a good starting-off point for a career in finance.”

As her time at Colgate is winding down, Godfrey’s feelings are a little mixed. Though she said she is not ready to leave, she feels that the school has prepared her well for the bright future ahead.

“I’ve had a great three and half, soon to be four, years,” Godfrey said.

One of her favorite things about Colgate was that the school allowed her to take advantage of things that she never did in high school. Godfrey hopes that other students will push their own boundaries and allow Colgate to reveal new opportunities and interests. She also recommends going abroad if at all possible.

“You can’t really appreciate Colgate until you go study somewhere else.”