In The Light – Joe Vogler

Hannah Guy

Joe Vogler is spending his last few months at Colgate enjoying himself. Though he fills several roles on campus, he does not overwhelm himself and manages to balance academics, extra-curricular responsibilities and a good time.

Vogler’s primary activity, and the one that is the most important to him, is serving as a member of the Link staff. He has been a Link for three years and participated in a similar program in his high school that encouraged him to pursue the post.

“If you enjoy Colgate, making others feel welcome is important and worthwhile,” Vogler explained.

Welcoming students to Colgate is something that Vogler makes a top priority. This year, in addition to his role as a Link, he served as the sole student delegate to the First Year Experience Advisory Board, helping to critique and improve next year’s orientation as well as provide recommendations for Colgate’s First-Year Life Skills Program. Vogler is also a student member of the Colgate Conduct Board. Vogler was also a member of the Colgate Varsity Golf Team for two years.

A proponent of Colgate’s many activities, Vogler advises other students to truly take advantage of what the school offers.

“Four years go by pretty fast,” Vogler warned. “You don’t realize what you could have done until second semester of your senior year or after you’re gone.”

Aware that his four years are almost up, Vogler described his last year as bittersweet.

“Being here is great,” Vogler said, “but I’m ready to move on to the next chapter.”

With a Philosophy and Religion major, a minor in Economics and an internship in product management and sales at IPC under his belt, Vogler is hoping to get a job on Wall Street in equity sales after he graduates. However, he does have a back-up plan that involves teaching and coaching golf at his high school back in the “Derrty Jerzz.”

As exciting as the future is, Vogler is sure he will miss Colgate. He was first attracted to Colgate by the work hard/play hard philosophy of many Colgate students. He visited the school during Spring Party Weekend and admitted the revelry of that weekend was a big selling point.

“I knew it would be challenging and have a good reputation, but still be fun,” Vogler said.

After living the Colgate life for three and a half years, he believes that his experience here has far surpassed his original impression.