In the Light – Matt Leach

Hannah Guy

A large part of this college is being able to balance Colgate’s demanding course load and the multitude of activities students are involved in. Senior Matt Leach, a forward on the men’s soccer team and a member of Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, knows all about juggling academics and extracurriculars.

His commitment to soccer has taken up a considerable amount of time over his years at Colgate.

“It’s like having a job on campus,” Leach explained, “You spend two or three hours everyday year round training, watching tapes, lifting.”

For the last three and a half years soccer has been a part of his daily routine and it has taken Leach all around the East Coast. As the program gained recognition and funds they were able to travel as far as North Carolina and Florida for games and tournaments.

Leach describes the team “like another fraternity.” It is unsurprising that a group that spends so much time together is so close and soccer has proved to be a great equalizer. Leach explained how the sport brings together people of all different backgrounds and cultures who share a common love of the game.

Now that his senior season is over Leach is left with a lot more free time on his hands than he’s used to. Having played soccer almost his entire life, Leach has mixed feelings about his new open schedule.

“It’s a weird feeling to be done playing competitively,” Leach said, “but it’s nice to be a normal college student for the last semester.”

In addition to dealing with the end of his competitive soccer career, Leach also has to face the end of his time here at Colgate. He will be taking advantage of his new free time by spending as much time as possible just hanging out with his friends and enjoying himself.

An economics major, Leach will be working at Barcley’s Capital, an investment-banking firm in New York City after graduation. He interned there last summer and has also worked as an intern at other smaller firms in the financial market. Having a job lined up for next year is one less thing Leach has to worry about and should allow him a less stressful last semester than those of some of his classmates.

When asked what advice he would give to other students, Leach encouraged taking advantage of all of Colgate’s opportunities. He also left a shorter, but perhaps just as important reminder: “Have fun.”