Emily Shaw

It is the fresh sparkling snow

reflecting brightness on a frigid day

that gives the appearance of warmth.

Each flake flutters unhurriedly,

almost in slow motion,

and disappears into the blanket of white.

Everything remains pristine and pure

so that each breath taken

is a gulp of invigorating life.

The snow shimmers

as purely as my heart for you.

Love is the fresh sparkling snow

that flutters inside of me.

It is the rainbow of color

that blooms with the flowers,

awakened by the chirping birds.

Each petal, soft and delicate,

deepens in shade

and extends outward with each new day.

The scent of beauty wafts through the air

as the color pervades

every bit of Earth.

This sign of spring engulfs the land

as quickly as my passion grows.

Love is the blooming of flowers

that swells within my heart.

It is the laughter of summertime,

bubbling from every corner,

that never ceases to radiate joy.

Each curl of the lips lets slip a giggle,

which sets free

the sound of joy from deep within.

An uncontrollable smile

never fails to accompany

this unique form of expression.

Laugher is the continuous cheer

that bubbles as I do with each thought of you.

Love is laughter’s blissful magic

that fills my soul.

It is the fiery sunshine

peeking through the branches

of an autumn-tinted tree.

Each shriveling burden goes unnoticed

as the light illuminates

only the magnificent colors.

These unwanted bits of gloom

flutter away to the ground

to be crunched and forgotten.

The tree remains warm and gleaming

as bright as the smile on your face.

Love is the fiery sunshine

that illuminates my life.