Around the Colgate Hill – Who would you most like to have a beer and watch a football game with: John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Sarah Palin?

By Kyle Blum

The man I would most like to sit down and have a beer with while watching football has got to be Joe Biden. He’s old, he can’t stop smiling and he just looks like the kind of guy who likes to watch the NFL on a regular basis. Watching him in the VP debate, I got the feeling that he’s a little more down to earth than people give him credit for. He got his law degree at Syracuse University, so we could reminisce about the miserable upstate New York weather and question why the hell we ever decided to go to school up here. Seriously Colgate, what were we thinking? We could’ve gone somewhere in California and had summer in January, but no. Anyways, Biden’s my pick to sit down and watch a football game with, although I have to admit that Palin was tempting…

By Mike McMaster

For the last eight years, watching a football game in the White House has been tough. W doesn’t drink, and one’s focus can’t be entirely with the game, because finding the terrorist pretzel requires a person’s utmost attention. I don’t know CPR, so it’s probably best to let George watch his games with Laura. But I’m not sure I would rather watch a game with Obama or McCain either. The Maverick would fall asleep, and Barack would never stop talking about how his hopeless Bears still have “hope.” It gets old after a while. I want to watch football with Average Joe Biden. With a net worth of $300,000 after twenty years in the Senate, Joe is either too honest or too stupid to be a US Senator, and either is fine with me. Palin? She would keep trying to change the channel to hockey.

By Chas Kurtz

I would undoubtedly want to drink beers and watch football with Joe Biden. Last year Time Magazine asked Biden’s wife Jill, “What’s the one TV show you and Joe try not to miss?” Her response: “Philadelphia Eagles games!” Now that’s what I’m talking about. I can picture it now: Joe wearing his Jaws throwback, pounding some Bud Heavies and chanting “E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!” every three minutes. Really, there’s no competition here. McCain likes the Cardinals (try not to laugh), Obama is a bandwagon Bears fan (he started rooting for them in ’85) and Alaskans have not yet been introduced to football (although I wouldn’t mind teaching Palin football, among other things). So Joe Biden is really the only choice. Fly Eagles Fly.

By Mitch Waxman

I would most like to have a beer with Sarah Palin, because Palin is the only person I know who could reference Joe Six-Pack in a VP debate, while managing to keep a straight face. She also seems to embrace her hockey mom status, and if she likes hockey, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for her to watch a Bears game with me. The other three candidates would probably make okay football watchers. However, I think they would be too held back by thinking about the politically correct thing to say. Sarah Palin just doesn’t seem to have this problem, so I’d be more than happy to offer her my couch space for a couple of hours on Sunday.