In The Light – Basistha Joshi

Hannah Guy

Between being a member of the South Asian Cultural Club (SACC), the Hindu Student Association (HSA), Cricket Club, Konosioni and an Apartment Manager for Residential Life (Res Life), senior Basistha Joshi admits that he has “quite enough” on his plate. Originally from Nepal, Joshi has traveled much farther from home than most Colgate students, but his involvement in the SACC and HSA helps to keep his culture close and the homesickness at bay.

Though he is far from home, Joshi said that he does not miss it too much.

“I went to boarding school so I’m used to being away from my family and living with my friends,” Joshi said.

He hardly has time to feel the separation, as he never has free time. He has now been a member of the SACC, the HSA and Cricket for four years. This year is his third working for Res Life.

In addition to the fun of the Cricket team, many of his favorite memories come from his involvement in SACC. He has danced with the club at Dancefest and enjoyed the yearly banquet with the club.

Although he loves his activities, Joshi said that if he could go back and change anything about his Colgate career he might have tried something outside of his comfort zone. He encourages younger students to expand their interests and take advantage of all that Colgate has to offer, to do something different than the norm.

“Don’t be confined to one group of friends,” Joshi said. “Try everything you possibly can.”

A physics and math double major, Joshi said he has “no idea” what he’ll be doing after this year. That being said, he also said he may go into consulting or continue his education in grad school.

Coming into Colgate Joshi wasn’t sure what to expect and thus didn’t have too many expectations. His first semester quickly proved that the school would surpass all he could have hoped for, as he met some amazing people and got to experience the beauty of fall at Colgate.

“It’s everything I could have wished and hoped for,” Joshi said. “I’ll definitely miss it, but hopefully I’ll be able to come back and visit all the friends I’m leaving behind.”

Joshi’s favorite part of the school though, is the other students.

“Getting to learn from everyone’s different interests and meeting all different kinds of people is what’s so great about Colgate,” Joshi said.