In The Light – Liz Harkins

Hannah Guy

Senior Liz Harkins has plenty on her plate. Balancing leadership positions in several groups on campus with a double major is no easy task, but Harkins is busy doing her part to make the world, or at least Hamilton, a better place.

Colgate Hunger Outreach Program (CHOP) is one of Harkins’ biggest time commitments. Harkins has held various leadership positions in the group for several years and this year is serving as a Senior Advisor. She has been involved in many of the group’s efforts to alleviate the problem of hunger in the Hamilton and Madison County area such as holding food drives for the Hamilton Food Cupboard and volunteering at the Friendship Inn, a local soup kitchen. Harkins is also responsible for initiating a baking program through which different clubs and student organizations can bake desserts to be served at the Friendship Inn.

“It’s nice because it helps people realize there are people with needs just around the corner from where they go to school, ” Harkins explained.

As a member of the ALANA (African Latin American Asian Native American) Affairs Committee Harkins has made a push to start ARC (the Anti Racism Coalition), a group which would explore white identity and privilege and teach members of the Colgate community how to be white allies for minorities. Though the idea for the group has been around for a while, it is especially important in light of recent events on campus. Harkins has also participated in French Club and volunteers as a Harassment Advisor on campus.

Harkins, a Psychology and French double major, has also tutored Hamilton Elementary students in French. She is interested in pursuing a career in teaching or joining the Peace Corps. Harkins is ready to embrace whatever path she takes.

“I’m just going to send out some applications and see where life takes me,” she said.

Graduation will be a bittersweet time. Harkins will miss the friends she has made during her time on the hill. It will be a huge change to leave Colgate in May, but she feels the school has prepared her for what is coming. “Colgate is a place that has helped me grow a lot and challenged me,” Harkins said, “and I think I’ve come out a better person.”

“Do your best to see where Colgate can take you beyond the bubble,” Harkins encouraged.