Dear Rosie…

Dear Rosie,I recently snagged one of the hottest freshman boys and we can’t keep our hands off each other, or shall I say I can’t keep my hands off him. We walk to class everyday hand in hand with the occasional kiss at the Lawrence steps. I keep getting weird looks from both boys and girls on campus. What’s wrong with a little PDA?

Sincerely,Lustful in Lathrop

Dear Lustful in Lathrop,While you’ve recently been bitten by the love bug, the rest of Colgate students have not. Colgate, as you may not have noticed, harbors first and foremost a hookup culture. Students aren’t used to seeing canoodling any where but the Jug and before the sun goes down. While you may be tempted to express your newfound love, try to keep it to a minimum while amongst the sober crowds. No professor wants to see you smooching outside the classroom either. Let’s compromise: hold hands to class and once you part a big bear hug will do the trick.

Dear Rosie,I’m a freshman and I went to the Jug for the first time on Monday. It was weird. I waited in line forever, and it was loud, sweaty and crowded. I wore sandals and got stepped on more times than I can count. All of my friends were there and it was a little awkward. Afterwards, I waited outside for the Cruiser forever but it never came. I’ve heard great things about the Jug. Is this all there is? Will it get better?

Sincerely,Jaded in the Jug

Hey Jaded in the Jug,The short answer is that yes, it will probably get better for you. The Jug is a time-honored tradition, loved by many Colgate students and despised by others. The first freshmen nights can be a little intimidating, as everyone you are likely to have met over the last few months crowds in every Monday and Thursday night. However, this doesn’t last forever. Next semester, it will probably calm down as your peers get over the excitement of the Jug, and you’ll probably get stepped on a whole lot less. Next year, when all nights of the week are open for you at the venerable institution, you will find that you might actually have room to breathe. For now, here’s my advice: Get there early, but don’t be “that guy (or girl).” 11:45-ish seems to be prime time for a great Jug night. Also, don’t wear sandals. You WILL get stepped on, so be prepared with some closed-toed shoes (preferably that you don’t mind getting very, very dirty). For the coming cold months, get yourself a “Jug jacket,” one that you wouldn’t cry over if it happened to disappear (something that has been known to happen). And keep in mind that the Cruiser doesn’t run on Monday nights, so find a buddy when you leave. It’s a long walk back up the hill. Happy Jugging!

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