Risky Business Hits Campus

Katherine Byrns

During their freshman year at Colgate, juniors Benjamin Ashwell and Ian McNally founded The Game’s Afoot, a recreational club whose purpose is general gaming. This club has gotten its name across campus over the past two years through the wide variety of entertainment it has provided. Perhaps its most well known activity is monthly game nights, where students get together to play Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Super Smash Brothers and all kinds of addictive, yet fun group video games.

Now, The Game’s Afoot has taken on a new endeavor, which is to host a campus-wide tournament known as GoCrossCampus. This game most closely resembles Risk and is a free game exclusive to Colgate students. On the game site, one will find that the campus map has been divided into sixty-six territories. Players sign up for a team based on their freshman dorm. Each team, which plays one tournament a day, controls a small subset of armies that can attack different parts of campus featured on the map.

Over ninety people have competed in the game so far, which has been running for the last 23 days. Currently, the three remaining teams are East Hall, West Hall and Curtis Hall, with East Hall in the lead. The game can extend for a maximum of a month and a half, but Ashwell expects that this particular game will be over within the next week.

Because of the popularity of this tournament, the members of The Game’s Afoot hope to run another one next semester, possibly with surrounding schools, or other Patriot League Schools. However, no matter what, there will at least be another tournament exclusive to Colgate.

If you are interested in learning more about this game, you can visit this website: http://gocrosscampus.com/game/watch/colgate/.