In The Light – Brooke Jacobsen

Hannah Guy

“I’m very type A; I plan everything out really far in advance.”

This introduction to senior Brooke Jacobsen explains how she manages her busy schedule. As the Recruitment Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa), a Senior Admissions Intern and a Sidekick, Jacobsen has a lot on her plate.

In Admissions, Jacobsen holds interviews, as all interns do. But her secondary responsibility is her role as the Intern Coordinator, overseeing the schedules of all the other interns and making sure everything runs smoothly. Though internships only go to seniors, Jacobsen has been working with admissions as a tour guide and working toward this goal since she was a first-year.

Her role in Kappa also requires a good deal of organization and delegation. As Recruitment Chair, Jacobsen’s work for the sorority began over the summer preparing for recruitment. She was responsible for planning the events of the week and making sure the sisters understood the voting process and rush from the inside.

“We take it really seriously,” Jacobsen said. “It really shapes the sorority.”

A sociology major with a film and media studies minor, Jacobsen is hoping to go into television production, specifically as a medical producer. Jacobsen’s interest in the field peaked when she was interviewed for several medical programs about her severe food allergies. She has interned at ABC twice, both in the medical section of Good Morning America and at 20/20.

Jacobsen, who applied early decision to Colgate, said she has never looked back.

“If I could go back to my freshman year and do it all again, I would,” Jacobsen said.

As someone who obviously loves going to school here, it is unsurprising that Jacobsen has made some amazing memories at Colgate. This includes the time she went to see Big Norm with some friends.

“It’s something you can’t understand if you don’t go to Colgate,” Jacobsen said. “It’s like the torchlight ceremony: outsiders just don’t get it.”

And with that we arrive at Jacobsen’s favorite thing about Colgate. She has a genuine affection for these ceremonies.

“It takes the college experience full circle,” she said, remembering how she followed the torchbearers up the hill as a first-year. A few months from now, Jacobsen will see the bright row of torches again, but this time she will finally be taking part in her favorite Colgate tradition.