More Than Just Grub

Jenn Carey

On Friday, October 10, students attending the “One Brush, Many Strokes” lecture had the opportunity to consider a little Food for Thought. The Food for Thought program, sponsored by Career Services, is coordinated with on campus groups, academic departments and past alumni to provide useful career guidance for current Colgate students. Career Services Outreach Programming Coordinator Vanessa Araujo-Lopera spoke highly of the program.

“It gives students the opportunity to explore different fields…and to talk to someone in the field and learn what steps they took to get there,” Araujo-Lopera said.

For Friday’s presenter, Picker Art Gallery Curator Joachim Homann, those steps were transoceanic. Homann, who began his career attending and pursuing his Ph.D. at several German universities, has found his work in the art and museum arenas to provide many of the unexpected brush strokes in his career. During the afternoon lecture, Homann described the opportunities he discovered for furthering his artistic career on American soil, having the chance to work with such institutions as Harvard University, Princeton University and the University of Texas at El Paso. When working with Princeton University and the University of Texas at El Paso on an exhibition, Homann continued developing his love for the field on a larger scale.

“[I] learned that in an environment strange to me I can create [an] exhibition program that resonates with the population,” Homann said.

One of Homann’s main focuses as Curator of the Picker Art Gallery proved to be an extension of this theme, focusing on connecting the student body and local area with Colgate’s artistic endeavors. “I can really help the community on campus and the community in town to make use of the vast resources this gallery has to offer,” Homann said.

As the featured presenter for the Food for Thought lecture, Homann felt that the discussion offered valuable insight for students considering any career after Colgate, not just those in the art world.

“I think that these career meetings are really good to see that you can make plans and change them as opportunities come up” Homann said, reflecting on his own life. “[It’s] important to take opportunities even if they lead you into territories you never envisioned before.”

Additionally, Homann cited internships as the focal point on every artist’s career canvas, with intern positions presenting students with the means to showcase both their abilities.

After serving in a variety of different artistic capacities over the years, Homann continues to enjoy his work, especially as a curator.

“[It’s] easier to understand your work is meaningful to people. I find that particularly intriguing about museum work.” Homann stated.

Homann proved to have many wise words for students hoping to find success in artistic careers. Through the efforts of Career Services, Food for Thought lectures continue to provide helpful insight into employment beyond Colgate. With lecturers discussing the opportunities available in a diversity of fields, students may not only discover guidance but also may learn that, like Joachim Homann’s unexpected and amazing experiences, not all careers are as paint-by-number as they appear.