In The Light – Alec Willick

Hannah Guy

The Lieutenant Vice President of the Brothers (Colgate’s Men of Color organization), an Executive Board Member of the Colgate Jewish Union, Co-Captain of the Men’s Club Volleyball Team, a drummer in the orchestra and a member of the Blue Diamond Society (The Jewish Men’s Club) and The Resolutions. Alex Willick’s list of activities seems utterly daunting and leaves one wondering how this senior has any time to breathe, let alone pursue a Music Major and Philosophy Minor. Willick admitted that his schedule is jam-packed but wouldn’t change a thing.

“I have zero free time but that’s how I live my life,” Willick said.

It is clear that music is a major component of Willick’s life, in addition to his many clubs and organizations he also privately studies blues guitar and classical piano.

He advises younger students to go out and find their own passions.

“Don’t sit in your room,” he said. “Find something you care about and follow it extracurricularly and academically.” As he has.

Though some of his activities may seem unrelated, Willick manages to combine them in unique ways that allow him to bring together his interests. On Thursday Willick played a concert for the Blue Diamonds, an opportunity he appreciated.

“I get to show my creativity in a way not many get to,” he said.

This combining of interests is something that Willick has truly enjoyed at Colgate. In his time here, Willick has been able to write papers that incorporate his interest in both music and philosophy. This freedom awarded by a liberal arts education is part of what he enjoys most about Colgate’s academics.

As his time at Colgate draws to a close Willick’s feelings are mixed. He greatly appreciates the academic opportunities here but worries that the “big fish in a small pond” feeling enjoyed by many Colgate seniors may not fully prepare him for the real world.

That being said he will miss the relationships and academic opportunities he has enjoyed here.

“Colgate is a great place to build your character, but on a localized form,” Willick said. He explained that he is ready to break that form and embrace the world beyond the Colgate bubble, “I can’t wait to make my impact on a real world situation.”