No Commitment Here

Jenn Carey

Beneath the Creative Arts House (CAH) this past Friday, students were given the opportunity to venture into the CAH basement and enjoy a “One Night Stand”-with Colgate Theater, that is. The Mask and Triangle’s “One Night Stand” program featured student actors performing comedic skits for an eager and receptive crowd. “One Night Stands,” which have become a favorite of both performers and returning audience members, serve not only to entertain but also to engage actors in a test of their theatrical skills. With the performers receiving their scripts just a few days before their performance and the only run through being a brief two hour stint prior to audience arrival, the “One Night Stand” program determined whether or not the participants could perform well together (no pun intended) under intense pressure.

For those looking to get involved with Colgate Theater, the “One Night Stand” presented a great opportunity to start a non-committed relationship with the group.

“The best part of [the ‘One Night Stand’] is that it’s a one night commitment,” junior Co-Activities Chair Sarah Tilley said.

General Manager Molly Thrailkill went on to explain the “low stress setting” that the “One Night Stand” offered, which could help to take the pressure off those students who were there for the first time. The more experienced actors involved, with plenty of “One Night Stands” under their belt, expressed their enjoyment and love of the event prior to beginning their performance.

“These are a staple of the Colgate theater experience,” senior Dan Laurence said.

When Dan asked a fellow student, senior Sam Torrey, to sum up the “One Night Stand” in a few words, Torrey described the entire experience as “light-hearted wacky theater.”

With the night’s performance focused on dating and the audience starting to arrive, junior Avi Israel reflected on the excitement preceding the show.

“Everybody’s so hyped up from just getting their scripts that they’ll laugh at anything,” Israel said.

However, the enjoyment of the “One Night Stand” was not limited solely to the actors participating, but also to those students who came to watch the magic unfold. Returning viewer, senior Scott Douglas, described his appreciation for the unique performance.

“The atmosphere is very casual,” Douglas said. “It’s good to see a production that’s not controlled by the University. A lot of the folks here are very creative.”

The originality and uncensored nature of the Mask and Triangle’s “One Night Stand” was not limited to Friday’s performance however. They look forward to future performances.

“We anticipate two more [‘One Night Stands’] this semester, and our ’24 Hour Burn,'” Thrailkill said, referring to Mask and Triangle’s upcoming event in which an entire play is written, rehearsed and performed within a 24-hour period. Despite the performance’s title, which signaled a distanced relationship at best, a general feeling of passion and commitment could be felt in the air throughout the CAH basement this past Friday. The Mask and Triangle’s “One Night Stand” proved to be a fun and entertaining way to relax and unwind after a long week. Most importantly, though, it ensured a worry-free morning after.