In The Light – Brian Solis

Hannah Guy

As an active member of Colgate’s Pep Band, senior Brian Solis is accustomed to producing music at high volumes on campus. Throughout the past week, however, he has been making noise in quite a different way. Solis has spearheaded a petition to keep this year’s commencement ceremony outdoors. The administration plans to move the ceremony, traditionally held by Taylor Lake, into the Sanford Field House. For Solis, this move is more than just a break from tradition. Colgate’s beautiful upstate New York location is one of the things he loves most about the school.

“As a tour guide, I’m always telling people why I chose to come here,” Solis said. “I lived outside of a big city, and I love the rural setting.”

It’s just a few weeks into his senior year and Solis is already preparing for his life after ‘Gate. As a Chemistry major with an Applied Math minor, he has been devoting a good portion of his time toward studying for the GREs. Grad school is definitely on the horizon for Solis, who will most likely enter a Ph.D. program. Though he may someday be Professor Solis, he is currently most interested in energy research.

Though Solis is a Teaching Assistant for organic chemistry lab as well as a tour guide, Pep Band is definitely his biggest time commitment.

“Band pretty much takes up my life,” Solis admitted.

This is his fourth year in the Pep Band, and last year Solis served as drum major. In addition to practicing twice a week in the fall and once a week in the spring, the band plays at home football, hockey and basketball games for both the men’s and women’s teams. They also travel to away games each season for football and hockey.

His number one memory, however, involves his love for the outdoors. Three years ago, Solis and some friends were stargazing on the old golf course behind Andrew’s when they spotted the Northern Lights. According to Solis and company’s quick internet search, the Aurora Borealis can be seen at Colgate’s latitude about once every ten years.

“I wonder how many people were out partying that night and missed that,” Solis said.

Solis finished the story by offering a kernel of advice to other students.

“Don’t get caught up in what you think college should be,” Solis said. “Just enjoy it.”