Indulging in a Fetish for Folk

Jessie Markovetz

Last Saturday night, Fetish Lane performed at the Barge Canal Coffee Company’s Saturday Nite Music Series. The members of Fetish Lane are John Edick on guitar, Ken Held on guitar, Brian O’Connell on innumerable instruments, Darrin Trass on the fiddle, Ed Gliha on bass and Israel Lorimer on percussives. One of the band members is a Colgate staff member! Look for the license plate. The band has a country-folk sound, and quickly inspired a laid-back atmosphere. Each member of the group was wearing a unique hat, and they often broke out into little dances. On the whole, the mood was reminiscent of an earlier time in American history, especially when audience members started dancing as well.

The music was energizing and upbeat, with many perfectly harmonized portions. The show was being recorded, which was a challenge the band seemed eager to take. They made many amusing comments, like saying that they were going to call themselves the Hillbilly Disco Boys from now on. Also, to describe one of their songs, they asked, “Ever had a girlfriend and find out she was everyone’s girlfriend before you?” As well as being humorous, the response to this question seemed to be an overwhelming ‘yes,’ suggesting that their songs touch on subjects that relate to many people. Another song was about losing your keys; others spoke about restlessness or the search for peace of mind. In addition to their original songs, Fetish Lane performed Old Crow Medicine Show’s song “Wagon Wheel,” and in a crowd-rousing encore, covered “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?” by The Beatles.

Overall, it was a great show by a clearly talented group. Fetish Lane displayed skill in playing their instruments and harmonization. However, it was almost always difficult to understand the words they were singing, which weakened their performance. Still, it was a highly enjoyable concert, recommending Fetish Lane to any country or folk fans.