Double Dose of Modern Manners

Annie Norcia

Common courtesies are important to remember everywhere; yes, everywhere. For students partaking in the revelries of Spring Party Weekend, the basic rules of conduct still apply. And while you may feel as though your recollection or that of your friends is really the best measure of your behavior, keep in mind others may remember your actions differently. For a few members of the early crowd, it seems as though a few reminders are necessary.

1. Excessive swearing. By the time you reach college, it’s safe to say everyone knows all the bad words. You can probably find a dirty word to correspond to every letter of the alphabet, and wouldn’t your parents be proud. Over-using them, however, makes you appear as though you have very little else to say and after a time, they lose their effectiveness. If a bleeped word is occurring within each one of your sentences, grab a dictionary and go buy a bar of soap.

2. Spitting. We’ve gone over this before. At least refrain while indoors.

3. Scowling. Why some people contort their faces into such unfortunate expressions, I shall never understand. Smile more; it costs nothing. Furthermore, if it’s some attempted indication of your social prowess or general coolness, get over yourself. The ground is public space and all may walk on it. If you are really self-assured, someone else entering your relative spherical bubble won’t interfere with your ‘vibe’ or whatever you may choose to call it.

4. Public exposure. Urination is punishable as an offense is many areas, dependent upon local ordinance. Consider this practice for your later life as a corporate lawyer and find a restroom. Other lewd behavior should be saved for behind a closed door; don’t punish innocent pedestrians with PDA.

5. Being generally unkind – i.e. insulting people, throwing items, physical assaults, and otherwise berating those who have done nothing to invoke your wrath – is simply not nice. Remember that you never know how your actions might affect another person. What you think is funny may be hurtful; this is the epitome of not cool.

This Spring Party Weekend, enjoy the company of friends, be safe, and mind your p’s and q’s!