Vendor’s Corner: Charma Woodsworth


Charma Woodsworth

JP Heany, Maroon-News Staff

Charma Woodworth made the short drive from Vernon, New York to set up shop in Hamilton’s local farmers market on the town green on Saturday, September 21. The farmers market was bursting at the seams with students and families who came to visit campus for parent’s weekend. There were also plenty of local residents there looking to buy everything from local vegetables to homemade hard cider or even beautiful collections of pottery.

Woodworth’s stand, named “The Groovy Cat Boutique,” was selling what Woodworth describes as, “unique, hand-painted eye candy.” Woodworth freehand paints unique designs on glassware. The designs range from cherry blossoms and butterflies to the Phish logo and dancing bears from the Grateful Dead. Woodworth also takes custom orders and loves the opportunity to try new designs.

Woodworth has an etsy page for “The Groovy Cat Boutique” and began to sell painted glassware full time two years ago. Aside from her love of painting, Woodworth is also an animal lover and dedicates a lot of time to supporting adoption efforts for unwanted dogs and cats.

Woodworth started hand painting glassware five years ago and still holds on to the first glass she painted—which now holds pens on her stand. She was able to point out the mistakes she made in her first glass compared to the work she creates now. As Woodworth explained the uneven distance between the lines of the design, the passion she has for this craft and the pride she holds in her progress was evident in her voice. Each glass had beautiful colors, and the minute detail Woodworth is able to fit into every piece is impressive.

The wine glasses and candles make the perfect gift for family members, whether it’s a cherry blossom wine glass for your mom or a dancing bear for your deadhead uncle whose always telling you about the concerts he saw while he was in college. Woodworth’s creations are a lovely addition to any home and range in price from five to 20 dollars. If you’d like to purchase her work or meet her in person, come down to the farmers market on Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. or check out “The Groovy Cat Boutique” page on Facebook.