Senior Brunch Format to Change

Caitlin Holbrook

After years of holding a conventional Senior Luncheon, this year’s Senior Class Council decided to spice the tradition up a little. This year, the Senior Class Council chose to transform the luncheon into a “Champagne Brunch” which will take place on the Sunday before final exams, a week earlier than normal.

Senior Class Council President Taylor Buonocore explained the reasoning behind the change.

“The senior luncheon is the official welcome for the graduating senior class into Colgate’s alumni body,” Buonocore said. “This year, with the help of [the Office of] Alumni Affairs, the Senior Class Council changed the luncheon to a champagne brunch to make the event unique for our class. The event will still be held on Whitnall Field, but this year we’ll have a champagne toast to our class.”

The event traditionally includes special speeches from a selected Senior Class Orator and a chosen alumni speaker, brief comments by members of the Class Council and the presentation of the senior class gift to the President of the University. This year’s agenda adheres to the convention, but will be held a week earlier than in years past in order to encourage higher student attendance and reinvigorate the event.

Since no student gets to talk at graduation, the Senior O-rator’s speech is the only opportunity for any senior to address the senior class as a part of the Commencement process. The Senior Luncheon is also unique in that no parents attend the event, so it’s a special chance for a Senior Orator to speak only to his or her own class. The Senior Class Council thus takes great care to choose a worthy candidate to speak at the gathering.

Buonocore was pleased with the Council’s decision this year after reviewing all of the applications.

“We solicited submissions through email, and then seniors who submitted drafts presented their remarks to the Senior Class Council,” Buonocore said. “It was a hard decision because each speaker provided a different perspective of the Class of 2008’s time at Colgate. The Council is truly grateful that so many seniors were willing share their experiences with us.”

Buonocore explained the Council ultimately offered senior Matt Wisnieff the position of Senior Class Orator.

“Matt’s remarks shared an especially unique look at the Class of 2008’s relationship with Colgate,” Buonocore said. “He also had a great presence when he presented in front of the Council.”

The Senior Class Council also asked freelance illustrator Bruce Morser ’76 to be the alumni speaker.

“I am particularly excited to hear his remarks during the brunch,” Buonocore said. “He’s a great storyteller and has a fantastic perspective on life at Colgate and beyond.”

With all of the changes made to the program, though, particularly the changing of the date of the luncheon, some advisors have also grown worried about the weather holding up for the brunch. However, the Class of 2008’s Convocation was held during pouring rain, so the seniors aren’t worried about any stormy weather, having been initiated to the school by the elements.