T-Pain at Cornell

Vella Pendergrass

Talk about concert fever! How many concerts can one attend in a single weekend? Saturday, February 23, Colgate hosted its annual Gospel Fest concert. Two words: “Amazing and blessed!”

This performance was not the only concert held this weekend. Sunday, February 24, Cornell University hosted a concert featuring T-Pain. Talk about getting “Hood.” What a week and a transition. First watching Gospel artist Kirk Franklin, and then hip-hop and R&B artist T-Pain. Does this seem like too huge a transition? Not for many Colgate students, who were seen partying it up on the Cornell campus, jamming to several T-Pain selections.

With this in mind, was it as exciting as Gospel Fest? No! Coming fashionably late is one thing, but T-Pain definitely redefined the meaning when he was almost two and half hours late for his own concert. Not only this, but there was also a fight in which people had to deal with being pushed and trampled, not to mention being splattered with blood. Can you imagine paying money for a ticket to see T-Pain just to have all this happen, and for the artist to only perform for an hour? What a concert. Next time, maybe it would be better to end the weekend with a free spiritual high, rather than an expensive disappointment.