Listening Exercises with Beal:

Sarah Beal

So I was thinking the other day, why is the Jug…The Jug. Yeah, there’s the whole drinking thing, the rush of surviving the line, the intermingling of classes and Derrick, but I wonder if the Jug would be The Jug if it weren’t for the music. Of course the crowded, personal bubble-popping sardine-packed essence of it does allow for some new friends to be made and more shots to be taken. But if the Jug turned down the music, would it really be that much of a spectacle?

There’s something to be said about Jug music. Yes, while most of it is quintessentially just drunk music, there are those songs that will always be connected to the Jug and the good times they elicit. For instance, for us seniors, “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”. I’m sure all the ’08-ers agree with me that there’s nothing better than flash-back music at the Jug.

Maybe our admiration of Jug music is made just that much better, based on the aforementioned factors. But if you think about it, there’s always that random un-stimulating song that comes on, which just gets plain awkward when you can’t keep grinding with that kid who you just remembered is in your French Literature class at 9:55 tomorrow.The mass exodus and migration to the bar during a musical slump proves that our inebriated ear is still capable of discerning quality. Even if we can’t remember the name or artist of which we want to request to get the crowd bopping again once we get there. If all else fails, just remember three words: “Journey,” “Britney” and “Shout”.

This brings me to my next point: the beauty of the song request. So democratic. Luckily, if we don’t really like John Jug’s choices of the evening, we can play D.J. (if of course we know what the little kiddies want to hear). Though it’s quite rewarding to scream “I requested this song!” just make sure to see that everyone enjoys it first.

One of the best things about the Jug playlist is how eclectic it is. It’s not odd to hear: “Call on Me,” “Country Roads,” “All I want for Christmas,” and “Ayo Technology” back to back. This plethora of genres makes for all of our musical tastes to be fulfilled together.

But who’s behind all these music decisions? The genius that is John Jug. I’m hoping to track down John Jug and ask him some burning questions.Email me your questions. (i.e. what song is he the most sick of? Why can’t we bust a move on the side-benches? And if “New York, New York” didn’t close down the bar, what would?).

Listen to:

1. Fly Paper by K-OS

2. Put Your Arms Around Me by Natasha Bedingfield

3. Lynguistics by Cunninlynguists

4. Wild Cat by Ratatat

5. Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales

6. Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

7. Bullet by Rhymefest featuring Citizen Cope

8. Star to Fall (Club Mix) by Cabin Crew

Sarah’s playlist can also be found in an iMix at: