CP3, Nashty Lead List of NBA’s Best Pointmen CP3, Nashty Lead List of NBA’s Best Pointmen CP3, Nashty Lead List of NBA’s Best Pointmen

Barry Rothbard

The NBA is a point guard dominated league. The era of the center has officially come to an end. So few true centers remain in the NBA that even the ancient Zydrunas Ilgauskas starts on the same team as LeBron James. The NBA has evolved into a league that relies on stellar point guard play, as most of the top teams feature a premier pl;ayer who controls the ball and the game. Although it’s tough to say who the best point guard in the NBA is right now. I came up with the following rankings:

1.Chris Paul: CP3 is the total package. Paul has turned New Orleans into one of the top teams in the NBA while steadily improving every year. He is averaging over 20 points and 10 assists a game while raising all of his shooting percentages substantially. Numbers aside, Paul looks like the best player on the court most days. He is nearly unstoppable in transition and has learned how to run the halfcourt offense flawlessly. While Paul’s supporting cast is much improved, it pales in comparison to his counterparts’. Paul’s improvement, coupled with his youth, potential and gaudy stats make him the best point guard in the league.

2. Steve Nash: If not for his age, injury concerns and Paul’s elevated play, Nash would still be the best point guard in the NBA. Nonetheless, Nash still is the best passer and the best shooting point guard. Once again playing at an MVP lelvel, his 12.1 assists per game are a career-best. At 33 though, it is hard to imagine him playing at this level for much longer. Nash is still an unbelievable point guard who runs his team perfectly, but the torch has finally been passed.

3. Baron Davis: After battling the injury bug while leading awful teams for years, Davis has finally turned the corner in becoming a primetime player. Davis has always had the tools to be a special player, but in his ninth season he has finally put it all together.While not the most accurate shooter at 43 percent from the field, Davis’ 35.3 percent three-point percentage is far improved from past years. This mainly stems from his improved shot selection, as the aggressive point guard has significantly reduced his formally frequent heaves from practically halfcourt. While a bit more inconsistent than Paul and Nash, Davis is the strongest and most explosive point guard in the NBA. Davis is also finally learning what it takes to win and has helped make the Warriors an elite team.

4. Chauncey Billups: Perhaps the most clutch player in the NBA, Billups knows how to manage a team like few others in the league. While not nearly as flashy or explosive as the previous three point guards, Billups is always in total control and rarely has a poor game. His stats this season (18 points and seven assists with only two turnovers averaged per game) are stellar as usual. Furthermore, his field goal percentage is at a career best 45.3 percent. But Billups can’t be fully judged by stats alone, as he truly makes those around him better. He always shares the ball and makes sure his teammates get enough touches on every possession. He has elevated a good team to an elite level.

5. Deron Williams: Williams is a rising star in this league with an enormous amount of potential. He is shooting an unbelievable 51.6 percent from the field this year while averaging 19.3 points and 9.1 assists per game. Like those preceding him on the list, Williams can balanace his scoring and passing abilities. Williams is also extremely fast and strong, making him versatile enough to lead a fast break or post his man up. Once Williams can learn to control his turnovers, he should give Paul a run for his money as best point guard in the NBA.