Colgate Couture – A Touch of Winter

Katie Zarrella

The air is chilled, the wind’s been roaring and we all know that snow showers are soon to come. With winter just around the corner, the Colgate student body has begun to layer and bundle in down jackets, knit hats, and anything bearing a Northface logo. While it is important to dress appropriately for Colgate’s arctic environment, there’s no reason your outfits should be bland and bulky. Keep your snowy-weather wear from looking abominable with some cozy accent pieces. From hooded scarves to furry bags, this winter’s accessories are anything but ordinary.

Scarves are an obvious essential for fighting off the Colgate cold. Trade in that Burberry plaid for Mike and Chris’s Kyle Knit Scarf. Woven in a soft blend of merino and alpaca, this asphalt grey scarf is funky and fierce. Scrunched and fastened tight around the neck with two oversized buttons, the Kyle is one hot winter commodity.

Martin Margiela’s hood is a toasty two for one deal. In light heather, Margiela’s silk and wool hooded scarf drapes over the head and around the neck. A clever alternative to bulky knits, this piece’s soft lines and thin fabrication make it sleek, modern and undeniably stylish.

Bless’s Banana necklette may not be the warmest option on the market, but it is definitely one of the chicest. Like a cashmere snake, the mini-scarf wraps around the neck and is threaded with a silver chain for a unique, icy look.

Frostbite’s not fun for anyone, so wiggle your fingers into a pair of this season’s knit gloves. Keep your whole arm insulated with C3 Concept’s convertible cashmere mittens. Adorable in black, gunmetal, mocha or opium, these extra long mittens are made with a fold over top so you can quickly and easily free your fingers.

Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Whitney arm warmers in vibrant orange are hobo-chic. Thick and chunky, Jacobs’ spin on the popular fingerless glove is masculine but still intricately detailed. Decorative knit straps with round gold buttons stretch across each glove and definitive lines of ribbing add substance and texture. Try them with a plain white tee for a nonchalant transitional look.

Hold in the heat with one of this winter’s wild hats. Claudia Schulz reinvents the trapper hat with her violet felt creation. Large, rounded flaps reach down over the ears and a backwards bill flips up towards the top of the head. A single button sits atop this structured hat for a look that’s quirky and sophisticated.

Erin Fetherston’s sequin knit hat in black is glitzy and glamorous. Perfect those chilly nights out, this shiny skull cap is the ideal topper for any sexy winter outfit.

Louis Vuitton’s Flemmish-inspired hat is nothing short of fabulous. In a crisp winter white, this Medieval beret falls delicately about the head like a fluffy snow cloud.

They won’t protect you from the weather; they won’t even keep you warm, but this season’s fuzzy, furry bags are a must-have. Michael Kors’ cashmere bag is so snuggly that you’ll wish you could curl up inside. In a warm oatmeal, Kors’ ribbed sweater-bag is topped off by a folded “turtleneck” closure and a chocolate suede strap.

Roger Vivier’s Furry Pillow handbag is worthy of a true ice queen. White, black and grey toned fur explodes out of this plush tear-drop bag and a delicate leather strap amplifies its extreme luxury

Some are practical, some are fantastical and some probably aren’t even weatherproof, but regardless of their utility, accessories are a critical element in any winter wardrobe. So throw on a hat, slip on some gloves and heat up your cold-weather look with some of this season’s cozy (and sometimes crazy) accessories.