The Unsung Heroes of Football’s Win

The Unsung Heroes of Footballs Win

Usually, the Colgate Maroon-News picks two athletes for its Sports Spotlights of the Week. But this time around, it was obvious that there were eleven stars that needed to be recognized this week. The defensive unit for Colgate football had an absolutely dominant game against Lehigh last week, forcing two fumbles and picking off Mountain Hawk quarterback Chris Bokosky three times. Although five defensive players were interviewed for this piece, every starter on the defensive side of the ball deserves recognition for their extraordinary efforts last Saturday. These players are senior linebacker Mike Gallihugh, sophomore linebacker Greg Hadley, sophomore defensive back Uzi Idah, sophomore defensive tackle Carlton Walker, first-year defensive back Mike Barry, senior defensive lineman Ted Nolan, senior defensive back Cody Williams, junior linebacker Ted Marshall, sophomore defensive back Wayne Moten, defensive back Ryan Keller, sophomore defensive tackle Paul Mancuso. Junior defensive back Chris Ekpo, senior Owen Brenner and sophomore Garrington Spence came off the bench for Colgate to help the defensive cause.

Senior linebacker Mike Gallihigh on the gameplan leading up to the Lehigh game and whether the unit primarily focused on stopping Sedale Threatt.

“From week to week we don’t focus in on particular players, so Threatt was not singled out. We knew they used two quarterbacks and Threatt did not throw the ball once against us, so we picked up on that during the game. Lehigh runs a bunch of different formations and does a lot of shifting that our defense has to adjust to, so our focus throughout the week was mainly on reacting to their different sets and getting the proper checks.”

Sophomore linebacker Greg Hadley on whether the defense made any halftime adjustments.

“We didn’t make any big adjustments in the second half. We just played hard and fast all game with a ton of passion. The secondary covered well and the defensive line had time to get after him. Playing that way and getting your job done is going to result in putting pressure on the quarterback and making big plays.”

Sophomore defensive back Uzi Idah on his crucial second quarter interception.

“I forget what down it was[third and three], but I do remember Lehigh was close to the red zone. All that was on our minds as a defense was to try and figure out a way to prevent them from scoring. On that particular play, nothing seemed different. I just dropped into my zone and covered my designated receiver. Together with tremendous pressure from the D-line, and Cody Williams getting in the throwing lane, the QB[Chris Bokosky] was forced to throw it to a spot that both the reciever and I could make a play on the ball. I just happened to come down with it. Although I made the interception, it was still a team effort.”

Sophomore defensive tackle Carlton Walker on Colgate’s spectacular run defense this season, which has only given up seven rushing TD’s in nine games.

“The run defense has been so good this year mainly because of the talent that we have on the field this year. Guys like Mike Gallihugh, Pat Nolan, Cody Williams and all our captains have really sparked us to play great football on defense, and that starts with stopping the run. My hat goes off to Defensive Coordinator Ed Pinkham for such a great scheme, but all the guys on defense really love to play the game of football and we have great team chemistry. So it is really no suprise that we have given up seven touchdowns in nine games, because that is what Colgate’s defense has hung their hats on since Coach Biddle started coaching here and will so for more years to come.”

First-year Mike Barry, who led Colgate in tackles with nine last Saturday, on how his teammates have helped him make the transition to Colgate both on and off the field.

“My transition has been a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be. I thought that since I was a freshman, the upper class football players would just push me aside and not care about me. But it has been the total opposite. All the guys have been very helpful and welcoming. Cody Williams has helped me a helped me a lot with course sections and getting used to college football life style.”