In the Light – Emily Cullings

Meghan Duncan

It’s 8 a.m. and senior Emily Cullings is standing by the cheese counter in a Brooklyn grocery store, clad in a mini-dress, fishnets and a platinum blonde wig. The cameras following her have stopped rolling and the man behind the deli has possibly just asked for her sevices.

Not your typical day in the life of a Colgate student, but for Cullings, this event made sense in light of the job she held during the summer following her junior year. Cullings’ manner of dress can be attributed to her role as “murdered prostitute” in a Court TV pilot, a character she had volunteered to portray as part of her internship at True Entertainment.

This was not her first excursion into the realm of television production; the previous summer Cullings had an internship at Nickelodeon. Her decision to spend her break in New York City led Cullings to the Career Services center to apply for a housing fellowship, subsequently securing an internship at the well-known children’s network.

A Japanese and Spanish double major, she has co-written a published research article on Japanese phonetics work with her advisor, Professor Yukari Hirata, and presented with her at an acoustics conference in Hawaii. Cullings sees a link between her selected concentrations and her plans to pursue a career in television development.

“Though they seem like different types of goals, language is very connected to developing stories, which is what I hope to be involved in,” Cullings explained.

As Commercials Director for CUTV, Cullings has been able to explore her passion for production and development, creating successful shows such as “Colgate Idol” in the spring of 2006 and working on this semester’s “Food Fight,” a satirical cooking competition on which she will play an eccentric critic and judge.

Cullings’ involvement at Colgate extends far beyond the entertainment realm. As an active member of LASO (Latin American Student Organization) and a member of the Newman Catholic Board, she says that some of her most valued memories are with club events.

An inductee to Konosioni Senior Honor Society, she encourages underclassmen to strive for academic achievement.

“Konosioni is a really great thing to work towards for senior year,” Cullings said. “It truly brings together everything you’ve worked for over the past four years,”

While dedicated to her intellectual pursuits, Cullings also stresses the vitality of experiencing the carefree, exuberant spirit of Colgate.