In the Light – Matthew Guber

Amanda Fox & Laura Blau

Upon first hearing about his nomination, it became clear that Matthew Guber’s leadership and involvement on campus has done nothing to affect his humility. As his grin stretched from ear to ear he asked with complete and utter modesty, “You’re telling me someone nominated me for this?” Guber was flattered and grateful.

While he probably wouldn’t admit to it, Guber deserves every bit of praise bestowed upon him. A leader on the Colgate campus and specifically the Jewish community, Guber has made a name for himself as Vice President and co-founder of the Blue Diamond Society (BDS). Although not very involved in the Jewish community of his hometown of New Rochelle, New York, Guber was disappointed in the lack of participation at Colgate.

“I wanted to start a society that focused on male Jewish members,” Guber said.

Specifically, the Blue Diamond Society aims to “bring members together who identify with a Jewish background in order to participate in social, athletic and service projects that include, and extend past, the Jewish community,” Guber wrote in the BDS information pamphlet. Most importantly, Guber has been encouraged by his contribution to the growth and persistence of the Jewish community at Colgate.

“This experience has shown me that a small group of students can play a large role on campus,” Guber said.

Guber has also co-founded the American Jewish Community (AJC), and in addition to these commitments, he works at the Jewish Saperstein Center (SAP), often meeting with potential students who have questions about Jewish life on campus.

Guber did not receive leave to study abroad last spring and counts Colgate’s decision as a blessing in disguise.

“Last semester was crucial. We’ve been able to get the name [BDS] out more; ten freshmen joined this year,” Guber said.

A Philosophy major and Jewish Studies minor, Guber plans to begin work as a paralegal next year in Manhattan and then, hopefully, attend law school. While he seems ready to enter the workforce, Guber had some advice for first-years: “If I could give advice for incoming students I would tell thm to get involved with as many things as possible on campus. College isn’t just about doing academic work, it’s about making an impact on the community you live in.”