Charred Goosebeak Is Well Done



Elsie Denton

Charred Goosebeak, Colgate’s all-star improv group was knocking off all of the stops for Family Weekend. The group dazzled the audience with their quick wit and twisted sense of humor on the evenings of Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20. The improv group’s repertoire included twisted product press conferences to unfortunate wedding reunions and many other lively skits.

Charred Goosebeak’s show was held in the newly re-opened Donoven’s pub. The venue proved an excellent location; it was just large enough to fit the eager crowd that attended. Only a few latecomers were left to stand in the back, and the atmosphere was still intimate enough to be enjoyable.

In the true spirit of spontaneity and risk taking Charred Goosebeak even included audience members as integral parts of their shows. One particular lady, taking the stage name Gisele, nearly stole the show during the wedding skit. Her ready quips had the audience convinced that she was the third Trump wife, occasionally Mormon and that she and her pretend fiancé were vacationing in the Himalayas and would soon be taking off on their honeymoon to Bohemia.

Overall, the actors were in fine form and didn’t miss a bit. The main complaint that could be leveled against the actors would be that they seemed static and stiff on stage, often becoming rutted in one-on-one conversations without much movement. Perfect blocking may be an unreasonable expectation from a seat-of-the-pants skit, but it would have been preferable if half of the audience didn’t spend most of the time gazing at one back or another.

Regardless, for Charred Goosebeak, this show was a hit and a definite bright spot in a blustery Family Weekend.