In The Light – Kashif Ahmed

Deryn Varney

Looking slightly wary, Kashif Ahmed takes a seat outside the downstairs lounge of Lawrence Hall.

“What is this for again?” Ahmed asked, then with a laugh. “One of my friends must have nominated me for this.”

Such a nomination was probably due to his active envolvement in campus life. He has participated in club cricket, the African, Latin, Asian, & Native American (ALANA) Affairs Governance Board and volunteer activities through the Center for Outreach and Volunteer Education (COVE). Now he is co-president of two student organizations, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) and the South Asian Cultural Club, (SACC). Ahmed didn’t expect to hold these positions; at home in Rochester, he was not involved in such cultural activities.

“Then you come here,” Ahmed said, “and it’s so community-driven.”

As co-president of the MSA and SACC, Ahmed is deeply involved in event planning. He is currently involved in planning a post-Ramadan dinner and party as well as South Asian Week, which will take place in early to mid-November.

“For some people,” Ahmed said, “this is the party of the year.”

Ahmed isn’t all extra-curricular. He also works hard in class. He is a Chemistry major and Economics minor. Right now, he miraculously survives eleven hours of lab per week, partly devoted to his senior research in atmospheric chemistry on aerosols and their effects.

He also loves fine dinning.

“I like to read restaurant menus,” Ahmed said.

He has enjoyed this hobby since he was a youth in Rochester, New York.

Someday Ahmed hopes to combine his interests into a single profession. He is considering graduate school in chemistry and expressed his desire to explore food chemistry. He thinks that after college he might also try to find a job in restaurant management or event planning, at which he could excel partially due to what he calls his attention to detail.

Ahmed believes his experiences at Colgate have prepared him well for the “real world,” especially because writing grant proposals, booking guest speakers and allocating money are not just part of his participation in college clubs but also an important aspect of his potential career.

Ahmed shows the importance of getting involved in organizations at Colgate because they are a way to pursue interests outside academics. Plus, they are a great way to meet people and get involved in the community.