Spilling Sour O.J.

Deena Mueller

How much trouble can one guy get into? From the most riveting murder trail of the century, to his scandalous book, and now this past weekend’s shenanigans in Las Vegas, O.J. Simpson can’t seem to keep himself out of the spotlight. One would think that after receiving the most outrageously controversial acquittal, the ex-running back would have led a quiet life, and not given anyone more reason to believe that he was the killer of his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Nevertheless, like a former hero unwilling to fade quietly away to the pages of sports history, Simpson continually forces himself to be the center of attention.

Though, it shouldn’t be surprising that O.J. has a big head. Not only was he a Heisman Trophy winner back at USC, but he had a successful acting career, and oh yeah, the man walked free on a double murder charge, despite DNA evidence linking his home, his vehicle and the crime scene.

It doesn’t appear as though Simpson will get as lucky this time. He has long since lost goodwill with the people, and not even his famous name will prevent him from jail time. Over the past few years, there has been a shift in the sentencing of celebrities. First it was seen with Martha Stewart’s six-month stint in prison, and most recently Paris Hilton’s short trip to the slammer. O.J. will pay for his crime this time. And I don’t think he’ll be able to move the trial to any place where the jury won’t be predisposed to find him guilty. It seems justice will finally catch up with O.J.

Clearly, he was guilty of the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Most likely they were crimes of passion. Afterwards he almost did the right thing. His slow speed chase was representative of his inner torment over whether to confess or not. I’d like to think that O.J. felt some level of remorse, that during the trial he agonized over his decision. He almost redeemed himself, but he didn’t.

That is why O.J. deserves to be punished harshly this time around. He is not the only man to kill his ex-wife in a violent rage. Nor is he the first to get away with such a crime. Rather, it is his audacity that has turned everyone against the once successful and beloved athlete-turned-actor. He first lost our respect when he failed to confess. If he had admitted it, Simpson probably would have served just over a decade or twenty-year sentence. We’d have been disappointed in him, but we’d have forgiven him and applauded him for acknowledging his wrongdoing. Had this happened, today’s headlines would be heralding his release from prison, rather than announcing his involvement in an armed robbery of a Las Vegas hotel room.

After the murder trial, O.J. managed to tick off the world a second time when he wrote his book. Sure, he may have needed the money, but he could have written about any aspect of the trial and it would have been a huge hit. Scott Peterson’s sister penned a New York Times Best Seller about how guilty her brother is (like we needed a book to know that!). Instead, O.J. let his arrogance and perhaps greed get the best of him. His book, entitled, “If I did it” explains how he would have executed the murders, if he were the murderer. Only two things need to be said here: 1) How can you have such little respect for the families of the victims and the seriousness of the situation! No one should have the right to mock a killing like that, no matter what connections he or she might have to the case and victims. 2) You did do it, O.J.!

The book, set to release this week, is simply another example of O.J.’s utter lack of character. Maybe these new charges against him are simply part of a publicity stunt gone wrong, but I doubt it. O.J. just seems to think he is above the law now. Moreover, he obviously has low moral standards. I don’t doubt that he was actually trying to recover memorabilia that was taken from him illegally, but that doesn’t give him the right to grab a posse and commit armed robbery, trespassing, breaking and entering and other illicit actions. O.J. needs to realize that he is no longer the young, football stud that everyone loved. He needs to see that his time in the sun has passed and he must carry on in a legal fashion, the way all of us must live. Most of all, O.J. needs to finally be punished for all the wrong things he has done!