Concert at Case: Dangerboy Rocks Library as Part of Welcome Back Week



Deryn Varney

At six p.m. Monday, September 3, at the entrance to the fifth floor of the Case Library, the alternative rock band Dangerboy started to jam. Students outside on the grassy hill lounged around while listening, and those inside the library most likely plugged their ears, trying futilely to study instead. The free food was, predictably, gone within the half-hour. However, the weather was warm with a refreshing breeze, and from the hill students had a view of the band rocking out in the foreground and the gorgeous backdrop of the sun setting over the hills and trees of Hamilton.

Although the sounds of the drum-beats echoing off nearby buildings made it sound like a less talented band was practicing next door and spoiled a bit of Dangerboy’s acoustic grace, Dangerboy was in an ideal setting.

The visual effects were overwhelmingly in the band’s favor. The Monday performance was already the band’s second performance this school year, but according to first-year Olga Peshko, who has seen them both times, the band still managed to put together a new program.

“I think it’s very entertaining,” Peshko said.

Dangerboy, which does not, by the way, encourage the label “faculty band,” is composed of three members, all of whom are, incidentally, faculty at Colgate University. Members include: Assistant Professor of Mathematics, vocalist and lead guitarist Aaron Robertson; drummer, Professor of Psychology, Scott Kraly; and bassist, Assistant Professor of Biology, Frank Frey.

Dangerboy has been playing together for three years. The band enacted a litany of covers during their time in the spotlight. Some, like Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag,” and Lustra’s “Scotty Doesn’t Know,” were by student request; others the members of Dangerboy chose from a wide selection of alternative rock songs because they hoped the songs would be fun for the students.

“Our performance,” Kraly said, “is energized by singing and dancing students.”

Although Dangerboy’s program rocked across a gamut of songs, including Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” Tommy Tutone’s “867-5309” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” what the songs had in common was that they were singable. In fact, the echoes of students’ voices soon joined the energizing beat of Kraly’s drums.

Overall, the crowd seemed to enjoy Dangerboy’s performance.

Although Case Library employee and sophomore Nicole La Hausse said she was not expecting the songs “Girlfriend” and “Teenage Dirtbag” to be played, she still enjoyed the show.

“[The band was] pretty cool,” La Hausse said.

Though this concert was La Hausse’s first time hearing the band live, as she thought would see them again.

Dangerboy’s rock music manages to be both casual and energizing, and many students will surely seek out another performance — which Dangerboy would love. Robertson said that the band enjoyed playing at both Colgate University fraternities and in the town of Hamilton at the Old Stone Jug; they are just waiting to be asked again. They love to play rock.

“It feels good,” Kraly said.

Last Monday night they were top-notch. Anyone who hasn’t seen Dangerboy is missing out.