In The Light – Tracy Hoole

Karen Quinn

Tracy Hoole’s involvement in WRCU sums up her Colgate career: she joined the radio station in the spring of her freshman year she chose to tackle the opportunity, eventually becoming the program director. Hoole, an English major and theater minor, dives into each of her endeavors just as she approached WRCU, with contagious enthusiasm and perpetual curiosity.

Hoole’s experience at WRCU helped her obtain an internship in New York City for Sirius Satellite Radio.

Not only did she spend her summer in northwest Manhattan, but she also ventured far from Hamilton in the spring of 2007, where she studied in London with Colgate’s English program. Hoole immersed herself in England’s rich culture by attending London’s reputable theater and art galleries, and by exploring the rest of the country on weekends.

“I haven’t been home a lot,” said Hoole, “but it’s been really great because I’ve spent a lot of time in all these cool cities.”

Back in Hamilton, Hoole is living in Creative Arts House, where she feels more connected to the art and theater projects in which she is engaged. A member of Charred Goosebeak and Experimental Theater, as well as a deejay for WRCU, Hoole gets her fair share of the spotlight, but she prefers to work behind the scenes.

Hoole does get plenty of backstage time. She is the lighting designer for the upcoming musical, “Songs for a New World,” and the secretary of the Student Theater Board.

Next year, Hoole hopes to begin a career in broadcasting and entertainment, focusing on the “programming and creative side” of the business, rather than pursuing fame and fortune in front of the camera.

Indeed, Hoole’s administrative responsibilities at WRCU qualify her for the next step in entertainment: she makes the schedule, reads deejay applications, coordinates shows, and, of course, deejays. She also constantly promotes the station and works on ad campaigns with other members to encourage more listeners.

Working at WRCU, Hoole said, “broadens your taste because there’s so much new stuff you’ve never heard of to just dive into.”

Hoole’s appetite for new music reflects her appetite for new experiences. Her proactive participation and innovative approach to life on campus promise to rocket her into the real world, where her originality, courage, and leadership will undoubtedly serve her well.

“Stay here as long as you can!”