Yadin’s Fantasy Picks of the Week

Max Yadin

What a week for the National Football League! Donovan McNabb was neutralized, the Washington Redskins defied virtually every announcer in the country and in the process defeated their division rivals the Philadelphia Eagles. Not to be outshined, Derek Anderson led the Cleveland Browns to a victory in his first game as starting quarterback. Likewise, Week Three should be an exciting one for Fantasy Football. Here’s some advice for the coming round:

There are three quarterbacks I think are worth looking into. First, there are the obvious choices – Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) and Tom Brady (New England Patriots). Though Manning only threw one touchdown pass last week, his 312 yards were nothing to gaze over. Next week he faces Houston, a team he traditionally does well against. Tom Brady had a very successful game last week — he threw for 279 yards and three scores. Yahoo! Fantasy favors Jeff Garcia (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) over Brady in Week Three, yet Brady outthrew Garcia by 36 yards and one touchdown last week. I would bet on Brady. The third quarterback is Jason Campbell of the Washington Redskins. Campbell played smart football on Monday night, and proved he can succeed under pressure. Throwing for 209 yards and one score, he is a promising and seemingly stable backup.

As far as running backs and tight ends are concerned, get rid of Ronnie Brown (RB, Miami Dolphins) and Chris Cooley (TE, Washington Redskins). In the past two weeks Brown has gained a paltry 69 yards and doesn’t have a serious offensive line to work with. As far as Chris Cooley goes — he’s a good player who fights with a lot of heart. However, due to injuries on Washington’s offensive line, he’ll probably be very busy blocking for running back Clinton Portis, rather than running routes and receiving. Therefore, my choice at the position is Jamal Lewis (RB, Cleveland Browns). Last week he rushed for 216 yards and touchdown. Put simply, this guy is on fire and I would kill to get him on my roster. A less obvious choice is Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts); though he is less explosive than some of the top choices, he is still consistent and a capable player.

When talking about receivers, it’s impossible not to bring up Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals. Yahoo! Fantasy rates him as the top wideout and rightfully so after putting up 209 yards and two scores last week. A nice backup has materialized in Sean McDonald, the wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. McDonald has emerged as a legitimate threat, and he is bound to get a few points. He’s not a primary choice, but is certainly not a bad backup if you need help.