In The Light – Simon Jarcho

Lauren Stern

Simon Jarcho is from Hamilton, New York. He did not expect to go to Colgate, but he is certainly glad that he did. At first, it was a little difficult to separate home life from school life, but eventually the distinction became clear.

During the spring of his freshmen year Jarcho took an intro course to Economics, which became his major.

“I really liked the professor,” Jarcho said. “The concepts just clicked. It wasn’t easy but I understood it.”

Jarcho chose to major in Economics and minor in English. He also took his studies abroad last spring as part of the London Economics Program.

“[After] growing up in Hamilton, it was fun to live in a city for the first time in my life,” Jarcho said. “It wasn’t too overwhelming. It was an international city but kind of like a big village at the same time”.

Jarcho decided to continue his abroad experience by staying in Oxford for the summer where he served as a Residential Advisor as part of a Pre-College Program.

In addition to playing on the varsity soccer team for three years, Jarcho plays many intramural sports including hockey, basketball and football.

Jarcho was granted the Alumni Memorial Scholarship (AMS), a research stipend with which he studied the globalization and professional impact of soccer in Europe.

As part of the sociological aspect of his study, Jarcho was able to travel to Berlin, Prague, Munich, Venice, Florence, Rome and London.

“The project started out as mostly fun, but now it’s a yearlong honors thesis,” Jarcho said.

Jarcho is exploring the Watson Fellowship or the Fulbright Fellowship, which would enable him to continue the work he started with the AMS research stipend. If that doesn’t work out, then he plans to continue his studies abroad for graduate work.

About the only thing Jarcho hasn’t finished yet is his senior seminar. The realization brings on a series of reminisces about his time at Colgate from this friendly and laid-back senior begins.

“I will miss a lot,” Jarcho proclaimed. “I don’t want to graduate at all. I will miss the variety of things you have available. Unless you want to be, you’re never bored here. There is really a good balance of work and everything else and I also got to meet so many great people.”

Jarcho offered this powerful advice to first-years.

“Stay here as long as you can!”