In the Light – Alex Dulude

Betty Jo Roby

“My dad always said to me, ‘Carpe diem,’ and that’s what I live by,” said Alex Dulude.

A molecular biology major and a pre-med student, as well as an active member of five student organizations, Dulude definitely lives up to her motto, packing as many activities into each day as possible and, quite often, forgoing a full night’s sleep.

“Growing up, I never thought of myself as a leader; I’m quiet,” she said.

Despite this, Dulude is the administrative director of one of Colgate’s a cappella groups, the Dischords, the captain of the Ski Racing team, and the co-president of the Pre-Health Association. She also finds time to volunteer her services to the Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps, where she is on call 42 to 70 hours each week, as well as being a part of the First Response Squad for sports games.

Dulude loves the people at Colgate, and describes the groups she is a part of as her family here at Colgate.

“[The Dischords] are probably my closest family here at Colgate,” said Dulude.

The Ski Racing team is also very important to her because, while they are a competitive team, she says being with her teammates gives her an opportunity to kick back.

She also said that her involvement with the Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance Corps has meant a lot to her because it gives her an opportunity to be involved with the community as well as providing practical application for medicine, and since Dulude would like to go to medical school in the future, this hands on experience is important to her.

Similarly, Dulude also appreciates the hands-on nature of her science classes. She says that her favorite classes are those with labs for the same reason — it gives her the chance to see what she is learning.

Dulude does not plan to head directly to medical school after graduation though. She plans on working in a lab where she has worked in the past, which is back home in Colorado. At this lab she will be researching several types of cancer, primarily lung cancer, while she applies to medical school.

With everything she has been a part of during her time here at Colgate, Dulude says that her only regret is that she could not do more.

“Get involved in a lot of things — something you’re passionate about,” said Dulude. “You meet a lot of people, and it gives you a chance to shine.”