Minus the City: The Art of Seduction

Victoria Cubera

Most of us are no strangers to attraction. Whether it’s someone you met in passing or the student sitting across from you in class, sexual intrigue is common in the world at large, and it is especially prevalent on a college campus.

While it’s easy enough to make a friend with just a little amiability, a desire for something more physical might require a bit of pick-up artistry.

First step: Be present. If you’re interested in someone, introduce yourself. That simple act can open up a world of options. Be casual. Once you’re acquainted, notice where your schedules intersect or friends overlap. Such information comes in handy.

Get noticed. Make an effort to have an exchange every time you cross paths with your Person Of Interest (P.O.I). Whether it’s simply eye contact, a smile or a conversation, get him or her comfortable with your presence. If he or she is used to seeing you, they’ll feel more comfortable talking to you. Don’t be overly obvious and do NOT stalk the P.O.I. Creepiness will destroy any progress you’ve made. No one likes a stalker.

Use eye contact. Don’t be afraid to look someone in the eyes. Direct and sustained eye contact can be more of a come-on than anything else. If you’re interested in what they’re saying, or if you’re not, look at them. It’s an ego-boost when you know someone finds you fascinating.

Flirt. Be a flirt. This is how you learn what approaches work for you and gain experience in reading other people’s responses to your actions and words. Go very easy on the P.O.I. at first. Then, as you become more confident, don’t be afraid to flash him or her that breathtaking Colgate smile.

Compliment. Speaking of egos, be sweet in what you say. Complimenting can all too often be the way to a girl’s heart, or at least her bed. Be creative. Be genuine. Let the P.O.I. know you appreciate not just his or her stunning, gym-toned physique or gorgeous hazel eyes; tell them they’re fun or spunky or smart. And remember, delivery is everything. Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it that makes the compliment truly have impact.

Look good. Make a special effort to look nice on days when you know you’ll see the P.O.I. Be subtle. You don’t need to wear a little black dress to chem lab, but if you want to catch their eye in a decidedly un-platonic way, present yourself in an un-platonic way. The important distinction to keep in mind is of course to think classy, not trampy.

Casual touching. An essential weapon of flirtation, casual touching is one of the trickiest tools to employ. If done correctly, it can make your P.O.I. want to interact with you in a more sexual way. This move, beyond all others, is most capable of pushing your relationship to the next level.

So, Colgate, the next time someone catches your eye from across the quad, go for it. After all, people ultimately do what they really want. Why shouldn’t they want you?