Colgate Couture – Get Dressed

Katie Zarrella

For the past two years, Colgate Couture has tried to educate you on how to dress. Now, you’re simply being asked to get dressed.

Umbros, Colgate tees, and anything that is composed of mesh and an elastic waist band is in no way appropriate for class, grocery shopping, or even lugging your 20 pound biology text out of the Bookstore.

Gym clothes are just that, so unless you’re walking directly to or from Huntington, you should not be wearing them.

It’s almost understandable if someone wears these lax threads in his down time after a grueling day of Colgate academics; but during the first day of classes, a good third of the campus trotted around in basketball shorts, Nike spandex and baggy tees. It’s not finals week. We’re not even nearing midterms. You don’t even have any work yet. There is no excuse for this general disregard for your appearance so early in the semester.

The first day of classes is filled with first impressions, reunions with friends and a prime opportunity to both intimidate and amaze the class of 2011; it sets the tone for your entire year. Our showing on Monday was disappointing at best and if you were too hungover to put on a pair of jeans for a day filled with 20-minute classes, it might be time to reevaluate your priorities. You’re not at soccer camp; you’re at Colgate University and it’s time to act like it.

The Hill is not a runway and Hamilton is not New York, Paris or Milan, but there have been no sightings of students running laps or pumping iron while they nonchalantly mosey to class. Thus the question still stands: What is the reason for all this workout wear? Believe it or not, there are a multitude of simple outfits that are quick, comfortable and delightful alternatives to the athletic attire that is plaguing our campus.

Girls: leggings, tunics, high-waisted shorts with a basic tucked-in tee, breathable bubble dresses, jeans and an oxford, the list goes on and on! These pieces are chic, easy to wear and won’t take more than five minutes to toss on in the morning. Bypass the makeup; natural is in! Just put on an outfit, any outfit that displays some notion of personal style and care for your appearance.

Boys: khaki shorts, a polo, jeans, a graphic tee, linen pants; any and all of these options trump the Michael Jordan-meets-Pigpen look that so many of you have been attempting to pull off. Yes, it’s hot and few people are a vision after they’ve rolled out of bed and frantically run to their 8:20, but this is no excuse to attend class in the same outfit that you wore on yesterday’s brisk evening jog.

Many of you may think that fashion is frivolous and indulgent, or that it has no place on this campus. In truth, fashion is a form of expression; it creates a sense of self, identity and individuality. It has the ability to make your walk from Persson to Lawrence a more unique, interesting and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Now what, exactly, are you saying about yourself when you sit in class wearing a pair of track pants and a sweaty Hanes tank? Come on, Colgate. You’re better than this!

Get up. Get ready. Get dressed.