The Eatery Re-Opens after Remodeling


The Eatery Remodels Kitchen

Charlie Filipovich, Maroon-News Staff

Hamilton Eatery back in business after renovations

The Hamilton staple sandwich shop recently underwent a series of renovations featuring a new kitchen and appliances. Since the building was built in 1845, it needed certain updates and repairs to remain open. Insulation was added to the building and walls were taken down in three rooms and a hallway, creating an open space for the installation of a new kitchen. Owner Clay Skinner said the updated kitchen and new workflow will give the business “the right tools for the right job.”

Skinner has dedicated his life to creating a successful restaurant business, owning and managing restaurants for thirty years. As a “veteran owner,” Skinner has developed high standards for his business. Before returning to catering and online-ordering functionality, Clay wants to ensure that his staff is properly trained to prevent the quality they have worked so hard for to diminish. The eatery’s mantra is “do it right or not at all,” and taking on more functions than the business can currently handle during a transition period threatens the quality that they have gained a reputation for.

Near the end of renovations, Skinner had to take a leave of absence due to medical reasons. As the owner, he is very involved with running his business and leading his staff, and being physically present to direct the staff makes the business run smoother.

As move-in day nears for Colgate University students, the small sandwich shop is preparing for their busiest weekend of the year, second to that of graduation. Although the eatery is still getting back on its feet, they welcome students to stop by and grab one of their famous, quirky-named sandwiches.