Passing on the Torch: A New Presidency Begins

Jeremy Lipstein, Rob Sobelman

From the President’s Desk

Fellow Students,

When Drew and I first took office close to a year ago, there was a lot of doubt on campus as to the whether or not SGA had the ability to get things done. A year of hard work later, we believe this sentiment has changed.

We began the year with a promise of reform on the Budget Allocations Committee (BAC). This came in the form of increased revenue for the BAC fund on the order of $14,000 per year that will go to student groups to host events on campus. Additionally, with the help of the Colgate Activities Board (CAB), the glory days of a “big band” for Spring Party Weekend will return with the Roots playing on Whitnall Field.

With the assistance of a severely dedicated revision committee, in late March, SGA was able to pass a new constitution, a work that has been in progress for close to three years. Along with this came new student group by-laws that will hopefully create greater efficiency for both campus organizations and the CLSI staff. It is our belief that these new documents will inject a new-found enthusiasm into SGA over the next few years. Hopefully, the extremely high turnout for the SGA Presidential elections several weeks ago was an early indicator of this turnaround.

Finally, we would like to thank all of those that have served on our executive board during the 2006-2007 academic, our advisor Jennifer Adams, and the entire Colgate student body, for whom it has been our pleasure to serve.

We hand the reigns off to Rob & Jenny knowing that they have the experience and dedication to the student body to continue the progress and transition into what is now a flourishing opportunity for SGA.

All the best,

Jeremy LipsteinPresident, SGA

From Rob & Jenny

Fellow Colgate Students,

We have spent the past two weeks having introductory meetings with Colgate administrators and interviewing candidates for Executive Team positions. We were very excited with the enthusiastic responses from students of all class years. Although it was a difficult process, we believe we have put an excellent team together to help us achieve our goals and serve the student body next year.

Our first priority is to tackle three items of our campaign platform and we have appointed project managers to head each initiative. These three projects are: building a satellite gym up the Hill, reevaluating the meal plan, and making free or discounted digital music available to students. In addition, extending cruiser service until 3:30 a.m. on Monday nights is already in the works.

We have high hopes for SGA next year and will be meeting throughout the summer to plan for our various initiatives. Please feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail (rbsobelman or jdorland) if you have any comments, questions or general feedback.

All the best,

Rob & Jenny

Rob Sobelman, President-Elect, SGAJenny Dorland, Vice-President-Elect, SGA