In the Light: Jenny Lundt


Senior Jenny Lundt

Sarah Speegle, Maroon-News Staff

Originally from Idaho, senior Jenny Lundt was initially unsure about where she wanted to go to college and applied to Colgate by chance. When it came to making a decision, Lundt was ultimately drawn to Colgate because she was accepted to the Benton Scholars Program, a prestigious cohort of students selected upon application based on their ambassadorial and leadership qualities.

Lundt has gotten involved in a number of extracurricular activities on campus. Lundt joined the Student Government Association (SGA) as a senator during her first year. Now, as a senior, Lundt is the president of SGA. Lundt says her experiences in SGA have taught her the importance of advocating for yourself and striving to make positive changes.

Lundt also loves being a part of Link Staff and has enjoyed connecting with a group of first-year students, guiding them through their time at Colgate.

The first years I had in FSEM 111 and Ciccone L were the best I could have hoped for. They all had so much personality and character and made every day of mine brighter,” Lundt said.

In terms of academics, Lundt came to Colgate knowing that she wanted to concentrate in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies and International Relations. Lundt became interested in these areas of study after taking a gap year after high school and spending four months in Morocco.

“I decided to be a PCON major because it is a major that focuses more on people and the experiences of individuals instead of just ‘this state did this to this state.’ I have taken classes about the environment, gender studies, geography and political science that I think have given me a more holistic understanding of the world,” she said.

Lundt has taken full advantage of the opportunities to travel abroad. Through Off-Campus Study, Lundt spent a semester abroad in Nepal with the PCON Department. The Benton Scholars Program has also given Lundt a unique opportunity to learn on- and off-campus by traveling to different countries with other Benton Scholars.

“I have spent every single one of my summers abroad on three different continents and [Colgate has funded my] travel to 30 countries,” Lundt said.

While reflecting on her time at Colgate, Lundt touched upon some of the lessons she has learned.

Lundt’s role in SGA has taught her to manage people and time and how to delegate work to others. Since Colgate is a relatively small school, it is not possible to run away from your problems. Therefore, Lundt has learned to confront difficult situations with ease.

Colgate helped Lundt learn about who she is, what she stands for and the type of person she wants to be when she graduates.

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Correction: An earlier version of this article included unclear information about Lundt’s travel experiences. She has traveled to 30 countries through Colgate programs and with Colgate funding, but has been to 76 countries in her life.