City Lights


Dank hallways and cold steps lead me out of depression and into oppression.

My world is suddenly flooded with sights, sounds, and smells. Some are foul while others are pleasant.

Where am I? Who am I?

My eyes adjust to this new environment, and I take one step, then another.

My pace quickens, as I look down, afraid of my gaze meeting with cold distant eyes. People brush past me as if I were a buffer in a car wash.

They must be dirty cars.

My breathing matches the rhythm of my footsteps as I navigate my way through the night. Shallow footsteps paired with shallow breaths.

Breathe in, breath out. Forward! March!

My high knee strides quickly turn to drags of the foot as I finally crane my neck back and let my eyes do their work. There is concrete everywhere; ground, wall, and ceiling. I am a foreigner in an inescapable jungle.

Who might be looking at me behind the glass? Knock. Knock. Is there anyone there? Let me out!

No one responds to my distress calls, so I shut my mind off and continue on the straight and narrow. I am one of many lost, dazed, and confused. I am a wanderer.

Where is my comfort? Where is my shelter?

All I see are towers looking down on me from on high. They are telling me to mind my own business and keep walking.

How about I make a left here?I should have made a right…Not to mention those lights…City lights.