Grooving in NYC



Amanda Fox

The alluring performances of Groove, a Colgate dance group, are widely known by the Colgate student body and staff. Students gather in masses to see this group perform its sensationally choreographed shows each semester at Dancefest, certain that the girls will live up to their reputation of excellence. On Friday, March 2 the dance troupe took its amazing talent to New York City to perform at the national launch of Colgate’s Passion for the Climb: The Campaign for Colgate, a 400 million dollar campaign to enhance its facilities and programs. The Groove’s big New York debut was held at Cipriani’s 42nd Ballroom and they prepared for it extensively.

“I was first approached about performing at the end of last semester,” said senior grace Buckley, Choreographer, Captain of Groove, “and I have been preparing since then. I knew that time would be limited once we returned from Christmas break so I prepared most of the choreography before rehearsal began in January.”

Since the beginning of Spring Semester, Groove had been practicing with their nose to the grindstone for the big day. They rehearsed for up to eight hours a week, particularly as practices becoming longer and more frequent as the performance drew nearer.

With a stream of intense practices under its belt, Groove performed, for the first time in its history, at a venue outside of the Colgate campus. The girls performed an eight-minute medley at the ballroom. There were many familiar faces in attendance, including President Chopp and Professor Avini, among other alumni, faculty, and staff.

“This performance was much bigger than anything else Groove has done before,” sophomore Dara-Ann Bauman explained. “This event was so exciting and a wonderful opportunity not only to perform, but also to meet alumni and be good representatives for the Colgate student body.”

“It was a huge honor that we are grateful to have been a part of,” Buckley admitted. “We are all so thankful to have been able to perform at and attend such a special event, and I personally hope that this performance helped to increase recognition and respect for specifically Groove and dance on campus in general.”

The girls agreed that the performance was a tremendous success.

“The performance couldn’t have gone any better,” junior Abby Meeks said.

The banquet was extremely successful, and Groove has certainly grown over the past few years.

“What has progressed for Groovemore than anything elseis the level of commitment,” Buckley said. “The group is still incredibly varied in terms of style and training, but the extent to which I have been able to push these girls because of their dedication and drive has really made Groove what it has become. It is this same commitment that made our performance in New York City the success that it was.”

Students interested in seeing the piece performed in New York City can look forward to this semester’s Dancefest on Saturday, April 21 at 7 p.m. In addition, Groove will be performing at April Visit Days this year on both April 10 and April 17.