In The Light – Beth Weick

Sara Dyer

Beth Weick, a senior from Kintnersville, Pennsylvania, has certainly made a lasting impression on Colgate’s campus. When asked about her reasons for coming to Colgate, she replied, “Well, at the time I was an elite figure skater, and it was one of the few campuses that had a rink.”

The combination of a rink and the overall campus vibe convinced Weick. Weick is a Latin American Studies major, a Geography minor and a member of the 2007 Konosioni Class. Head of Colgate’s Amnesty International in her sophomore year, Weick is currently the Community Coordinator for La Casa Pan Latina Americana. Weick also studied abroad in the Dominican Republic and Peru.

Weick promotes awareness on-campus about the state of the environment. She started during her first year as a Student Coordinator in ENST and is now Assistant Coordinator.

Weick works with the Environmental Council. The Council includes faculty, staff, administrators and students who correspond directly with President Chopp about their vision for environmentalism at Colgate.

Weick is also a member of Green Summit. She described this group as “as an environmental think-tank.” Weick noted that the projects on the drawing board right now include energy conservation. Green Summit is also working on a recycling initiative, publicity and a biomass initiative.

“I think we’re one of the first schools to use a bio mass plant,” Weick said.

Weick’s post-graduation plans involve returning to the Appalachian Mountain Club in the White Mountains, a job she has held during the summers between her Colgate academic years.

“I’m so excited. It’s the most perfect job ever,” Weick explained. “There’s a presidential range of the White Mountains; throughout the range there’s a series of huts where hikers can spend the night. A crew lives at each hut throughout the season. We hike supplies in and out so twice a week. We do search and rescue and any emergency medical treatment. I’ve had people with broken ankles; there’ve been heart attacks. We also do trail maintenance.”

Weick is trained in Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder and hopes next year to receive her Wilderness EMT Certification.

Weick has clearly taken all the opportunities she could during her time at Colgate. She put it simply.

“I’ve grown so much here.”