Colgate Couture – Winter Wrap

Katie Zarrella

How do you spot an American girl in Rome? Let me count the ways. She sticks out like a sore thumb with her Uggs, last season’s Chanel sunglasses, a Kate Spade messenger bag, and a North Face fleece. Italians understandably cringe as she walks past, muttering “Ahh stupida Americana!” Sure, some girls try to blend in. Maybe they’ll buy a pair of flat boots to throw over their Hardtails, or splurge on a Gucci tote, but if they just paid attention, they’d realize that there’s only one accessory they have to purchase in order to give their wardrobes Roman flair: a sensational scarf. Whether it’s a chunky wool knit or a patterned pashmina, every bella ragazza in Rome wraps up her ensemble in a stunning shawl. College kids in Rome need to step up their style just to blend in, but at Colgate, warming up your outfit with a spectacular scarf will make you into a trend-setting stand-out.

A thick, knit scarf has always been an essential, but this season, designers were all wrapped up in making them truly over the top. Tasseled, ribbed, and longer than the stint between winter vacation and spring break, D&G’s snowy white cashmere scarf is a trendy take on a cold weather classic. Thick stitching makes for a heavy and warm look, while the elongated tassels add a light touch of fun to this substantial scarf. Wear it twisted around the neck with a slinky dress and tights for a sexy snow-bunny look.

Sweetface’s distressed grey knit scarf brings back a blast of last year’s bohemian style. This long, ribbed cashmere scarf is finished at the ends with pilled detailing for an edgy, vintage feel. Top it off with the brand’s over-sized newsboy cap and you’ll have a sassy snow-storm ready ensemble.

Catherine Malandrino’s aqua pompom wrap is sweet and chic. Wide and warm, this scarf is softened up by intricate crochet detailing and a playful pompom trim. Wear it with a long cream coat for an innocent look, or make the aqua explode against an all black outfit.

If you’re afraid of being choked by bulky scarves, try Pucci’s two-toned lilac and violet scarf. This elegant piece is light and soft, and its long tails flutter in the winter wind. Rounded edges give this scarf more sophistication than the chunky, tasseled styles and the purple tones make Pucci’s scarf especially stylish for this season. Wear it with Pucci’s lilac beanie for a hip, completed look.

Had enough of simple solids? Then Antik Batik’s violet sequined scarf is for you. With a black print, lightly fringed edges and hand-stitched aged sequins, this bedazzled wool-crepe scarf is young and playful. Loop it around your neck to give your outfit a funky pop, or drape it around your shoulders for a more striking, sweeping look.

Another alternative to solids are patterned scarves. Look for pieces with paisley or oriental prints in dark or neutral colors. Metallic accents are a must, and subdued tassels or fringe are a good way to add texture to these thinner scarves. Wear them looped around your neck, tossed over your shoulders or tucked into a simple winter coat.

Whether tied tight, loosely tossed, twisted, or delicately draped, a chic scarf is a must in any winter wardrobe. Wrap up tight and keep out the Colgate cold with a toasty euro-style scarf.