Digesting Transformation


As I swallowThe promised wordsFrom false idols, theirLines penetrate the purenessOf my insides. The pink nervesThat operate on conscious thoughtBleed the red from falseKnowledge that cuts meLike razors. Falling to myKnees, my body contends withThese words that wish to establishTheir foundation for my existence.I look at my people withTeary eyes, only to see their Backs. Crying for help, they Cannot hear me because their Ears are clogged with the fantasyOf individual desires and complacent Lives. I am screaming now, but they Do not hear the pains of a black suffering, Only of him falsely living. The Fist, held high, bangs against the Pavement of disgrace on which we Stand on as a so called “community.”Rising from the errors of this modernCultural progression, my physical andMental transformation capturesThe eyes of those malnourished,Starving for a free life. ChokedWith anger; my pain used as the Heimlich maneuver; the razors Regurgitated, become food for Thought, that which is fed into the Mouths of the masses. UltimatelyI distinguish the fire of all the fallaciesThey claim to “spit”, as I put them Out with water and grow truth.