CAB Presents Winter Olympics

Laura Clark

What is the best thing about all of this snow? The CAB Winter Olympics! That’s right, though the whole campus is holed up in their dorms for now, but it’s not due to the snow. It’s to hold secret strategy team meetings for what promises to be the snowiest Winterfest in recent memory. This Saturday, February 17, from 1 to 4 p.m., whether you are a lucky team member or just a spectator, Whitnall Field and Huntington Gym will once again become the ultimate battleground for those students whose pride and love for wrestling in the snow combine to create one of Colgate’s most entertaining competitions.

As Colgate traditions go, this is one which makes the most of a climate which some consider a downfall of living in upstate New York. Seniors advocated the activity as a great way to become acclimated to the winter scene in Hamilton and to develop a positive attitude about the seemingly incessant snowfall in the region.

And why does CAB labor every year to put together such a well run and enjoyable activity? Because the teams that gather on Whitnall field each year represent the unique nature of Colgate’s institution; Winterfest brings together teams from different Greek houses, from first-year dorms, from outdoor education and random collections of friends. For junior Sydney Jones, an avid veteran of Winterfest and a member of last year’s second place team, the CAB Winter Olympics is one of her favorite and most fun memories at Colgate University. At the end of the day this is a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and though injuries are not unheard of among the frenzy of competition, those battle wounds are the mark of true champions.

Approximately 12 teams will compete this year, which will rotate between three indoor and three outdoor activities. Such classic struggles as musical chairs, the dizzy bat race and flip cup (with water) will occur alongside team tug of war and kickball in the snow. Fans of the inflatable games will not be disappointed, as we will see the return of the gladiator and human foosball events in Huntington. To get an inside peek before Saturday, view pictures from past years by logging onto Facebook and searching for the CAB member profile.

Also, look for more information about upcoming CAB seasonal events like the one next weekend, February 24-26, when CAB is sponsoring a ski trip to Gore Mountain. To the contestants of this year’s Winterfest, good luck. And for future notice, there would be very little protest against a race to unbury all the cars in the townhouse parking lot!