In The Light – Jake Kleinman

Amanda Fox

Jake Kleinman knew that Colgate University was the school for him from the moment he set foot on campus. An early decision applicant, Kleinman admired Colgate for its academics and for its ideal distance from home. The three and a half hour drive from Chappaqua, New York proved to be perfect.

Colgate’s ambulance core program also drew Kleinman here. He knew he wanted to be involved with the activity and it weighed heavily on his decision to apply early decision. Serving all of southern Madison County, the ambulance core serves to aid residents in the area. Kleinman and most of his friends started ambulance core together.

“I’ve been riding on an ambulance since I was sixteen. Almost all of my friends do it,” Kleinman said. “You get pretty close.”

Kleinman also worked for the Upstate Institute, developing a Junior Volunteer Program in the spring of 2006. The organization’s goal is to use Colgate’s resources to help the greater community.

“It’s a program for Hamilton hospital,” Kleinman said. “[It] opens up [high schooler’s] eyes. Kids realize that you don’t need to be a doctor to go into medicine.”

A Spanish major pursuing medicine, Kleinman studied abroad in Madrid.

“The first two weeks were really scary,” Kleinman said. “But I ended up dating someone who didn’t speak English, so that really helped”.

Kleinman plans on attending medical school at Tulane University next year.

“Becoming a doctor was natural for me. My family, my friends and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” Kleinman said. Jake is also planning on staying an EMT while attending school in New Orleans.

“I’m going to bring a boat or swimmies,” Kleinman joked before changing tones.

“I’m excited and scared,” Keinman admitted, referring to the high murder rate in the devastated city.

Kleinman received his acceptance to Tulane in mid-October. With admission stress over, he is enjoying the much-needed break from the demanding pre-med curriculum. “I’m taking three classes now. I’m just coasting,” he said.

Kleinman concluded with a few words of advice to first-years: “you can get really bogged down in the details at Colgate. The little things seem so huge at the time. Step back and look at the huge picture. And have fun.”