In A Grain of Sand – Behind one great Clinton there is…another.

Dahlia Rizk

So it looks like Clinton is making yet another run for the Executive Office. Hillary Clinton, that is. The announcement, revealed last week, marked the beginning of the back-and-forth roller coaster ride to put Clinton back in the White House. Hillary, that is.

It seems to me that this woman incites no moderate emotions. You either love her or you hate her. The formula for winning should then be much easier: get more people to love you than to hate you. And use your famous husband and former twice-elected President to do it.

Regardless of what you’ve decided about Hillary, or whether you’re just confused, there’s not too much to be befuddled about concerning Dear Bill, a.k.a. William Jefferson.

It’s no doubt that Hillary’s husband will probably become her most important campaign tool. And why shouldn’t he? Minus a few slips of the tongue (circa 1998), Bill ran an impressive administration during which the country witnessed unprecedented economic growth. Also, the final stages of the Cold War were over by the time Clinton assumed power in 1992, and at this time America had to affirm its role as the world’s sole superpower.

While President Bush before him had done so through Operation Desert Storm in 1991, Bill Clinton demonstrated his commitment to global stability with the employment of US troops to the unprecedented UN peacekeeping force in Somalia. Moreover, his involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process lasted throughout his presidency, ranging from his oversight during the Oslo Accords in 1993 to the ambitious (but eventually ill-fated) Camp David Accords during his last months in office.

Aside from policies during office, Bill is someone with whom we can relate on a citizen level, be it through his charisma, his slight (and I have to admit, adorable) southern accent, or even his taking to fast food. Born of a modest family, he epitomizes the importance of hard work, which eventually earned him a Rhodes scholarship and allowed him to climb through the ranks of public office.

Today you can see Bill hanging out with his now good friend Bush, Sr., on The Daily Show or running his international foundation.

So with her campaign announcement, Hillary’s betting on the fact that, “behind every great man there is an even greater woman”. Or at least one that is comparable. Not a bad place to be, in my opinion.

But regardless of whether you think Hillary is overrated or just plain lucky, I am confident that there are many of you out there who would love to see Clinton back in the White House. Bill, that is.