Colgate Couture – Denim Discussion

Katie Zarrella

What do woman want? Suits will sweep us off our feet, khakis will persuade us that you’re the perfect prep, but secretly, deep down inside, even Colgate girls love a rugged, unshaven, t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. So why are you striking out? Well boys, I’m sorry but your jeans are boring. Contrary to popular belief, your pair of semi-faded, medium blue Sevens is not the end-all-and-be-all of designer denim.

Don’t be distraught, and please don’t retreat into your madras pants, because with cuffs, skinny cuts, crinkles and a rainbow of washes, fall ’06 is full of denim trends that are so suave, they’d make James Dean look like a drag. Boys, be bold because it’s time to break away from the dull denim of your past and update your look with this season’s jazzy new jeans.

There’s nothing wrong with a classic boot-cut jean, but length and fit can make or break any basic style. How should your jeans fit? First and foremost, baggy and saggy are absolute NO’s. No one wants to see your boxers hanging out the top of your ultra-low rise jeans, and there’s nothing sexy about a guy who’s swimming in a pair of pants that are four sizes too big. On the other hand, your jeans shouldn’t be strangling your lower half. Snug denim shows things that just don’t need to be seen, so go for a semi-tailored fit that still allows you to move comfortably. Short jeans are a sure-fire denim disaster: your jeans should come down to the ground, or hit just above it.

True Religion’s Bobby-cut jeans in a dark vintage wash are handsome and traditional. Small rips, faded thighs and wide, stitched seams give these jeans a rustic look while the dark wash and slim boot-cut keep them classy. Wear these jeans to class with boots or flip flops and a knobby sweater, or pair them with loafers and a cashmere crew-neck for a casual night out.

If you’re not a fan of the distressed jeans fad, try Rock and Republic’s Taylor Ketel Jeans. Only lightly faded for a broken-in look, the Taylor jeans are a medium wash and appear more polished than many of today’s shredded styles. A slim boot cut and button flap pockets make these simple Rock and Republics perfect for everything from a day up the Hill to a dinner date.

I know to most of you this will sound scary, but skinny jeans aren’t just for girls anymore. Designers have put a new spin on the tight trend and the results are mucho-macho. D&G’s light wash skinny jeans are faded, weathered and wonderful. The distressed denim contrasts the soft light color and gives these jeans a heavier appearance. Bunched from the ankle to the knee, D&G’s skinny jeans are tough and trendy. Light washes are often difficult to wear with dressier looks, but the sophisticated cut on these skinnies is sure to spruce right up when worn with slim-toe loafers and a blazer or button down. The combination of a distressed jean and formal top creates an edgy, sophisticated ensemble.

Colgate’s snowy, salty roads aren’t very considerate when it comes to eroding the bottoms of your jeans. Luckily, this season’s cuff trend will pick up your style and your hem. Dsquared’s distressed denim is cut to be cuffed. A clean cuff stands out against the jeans’ dark wash, drastically faded knees and small rips. Wear Frye or short boots to complete the look. A heavy boot will give the cuffs an extra kick and will elongate your leg. Pair Dsquared’s denim with a velvet jacket and a button down for a style that’s hip and luxurious.

Forget everything your mother told you about the dangers of wearing wrinkled clothes because this season’s crinkled jeans are so sloppy, they’re stylish. Mostly found in the skinny cut, this style is crumpled all the way from the waistband to the hem. Karl Lagerfeld’s crinkle jeans are unique and chic. In deep navy, Lagerfeld’s jeans’ waxy finish makes them stand out from any other dark wash. Wear them with a large coat and sweater for a bulky layered look, or try them with a dark jacket and a basic tee to rage like a rock star.

The time has come for us to zip up this denim discussion. From relaxed, off-the-cuff looks, to debonair denim ensembles, this season’s jeans are just what every Colgate guy needs. So get rid of those little boy blues and try on some style because you can’t help but be dashing in designer denim!